How to cross out text in Discord

Discord is free, easy, and fun to use. While it is the favorite spot for gamers, it is also a great place for everyone who wants to hang out and talk. If you just joined it, you may still be trying to figure out all of the features. And if you have been wondering how to cross out text in Discord, keep reading. We are going to show you that, but we are also going to show you how to bold the text and make some other interesting changes.

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Discord has a variety of features, and one of the main ones is the feature called text markup. So, what is text markup? When using this feature you are formatting the text using punctuation marks.

If you have never tried it before, you may expect some complicated guide and wondering how it is all gonna go. But, what you need to do is placing punctuation marks at the beginning and the end of your text. Below are the punctuation marks that work on Discord along with the explanations of what you can achieve with using them. These are working on the computer and your Android or iOS app as well.

Cross out text – place ~~ before and after the text. An example would be: ~~example~~

To bold text – place ** before and after the text. An example would be: **example**

To add underlines – place two underscores before and after the text you are writing. An example would be __example__

Italics – there are two options, you can add one underscore before and after, or one asterisk. The examples would be _example_ or *example*

To create bold italicized text – add three asterisks before and after. An example would be ***example***

Now head over to Discord and format your text using punctuation marks.