How to create a custom location on Instagram

You may want to create a custom location on Instagram for various reasons. E.g. you have a business page on Instagram and want to add the location of your business in your Instagram posts and/or stories, you went to a place and want to add its location to one of your Instagram stories but that location is not there on Instagram, you just want to add a custom location that you can use on Instagram just for fun, etc. However, Instagram itself does not allow the creation of a new custom location but you can do it via Facebook.

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Check-in from Facebook

First, you will have to create a check-in status on Facebook for the custom location that you want to create. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap on the ‘home’ icon to go to the home tab of the Facebook app.
  3. You need to scroll on this page to reach the top of this page.
  4. You should now be able to see an option named ‘check in’. Tap on this option.
  5. If your location services are not turned on for Facebook, you will be able to an option named ‘turn on location services’. You need to tap it.
  6. Accept turning on your device location and providing location access to Facebook if prompted.
  7. When the location services for Facebook are turned on, several suggested locations will be displayed in a list by Facebook for you to create a check-in status on Facebook.
  8. You want to create a custom location. So, type in the name of that location such that the first letter is in the capital. Make sure that this location name is unique.
  9. Scroll down the list if there is a list being displayed.
  10. You should find an option named ‘add a new place’. What you need to do is tap this option.
  11. This will take you to another list of categories to choose a category from. Here, you need to choose a category under which the custom location that you want to create falls.
  12. Once you have chosen the category, tap that category to choose it.
  13. Now, choose a city where this location is located.
  14. Next, choose the exact GPS location to pinpoint this location by either using the map or by tick-marking the ‘I’m currently here’ option if you are at that location.
  15. Tap on the ‘create’ option.
  16. Post this check-in status on Facebook. If you do not want anyone to see this status, you can choose the ‘only me’ option from the privacy setting of the post.
  17. You are done creating a custom location now.

Use it on Instagram

Once you have created a custom location using the steps shown above, you can use that location on Instagram. You can use it in an Instagram story or a post. When you are creating an Instagram story, you can add the location just before posting it. If you have already posted an Instagram post, you can add/edit its location too.

Points to note:

  • If you cannot see the location on Instagram that you created via the above method, you can wait for a while until the location details are updated on the Instagram servers from the Facebook servers.
  • It is better to be physically at the location where you want to create a custom location. If you are not able to use the custom location that you created, try being at the location and then creating the custom location.

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