How to choose the startup screen in Opera GX gaming browser

If you just installed the Opera GX gaming browser, you will probably need some period of time to explore all the options the browser comes with. While there are many usual ones, there are also some features you can hardly find on any other browser out there. That’s why it is definitely worth your time. You can choose what will be shown on the startup screen. If you want a fresh start page, you can go for that. Or, you can select the option that will retain tabs from your previous browsing session. It is up to you. Here, we are going to show how to choose the startup screen in Opera GX gaming browser.

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How to choose the startup screen in Opera GX gaming browser

You can customize many things in this browser to match your needs and desires. As we mentioned, you also get to choose the startup screen. Some people love a fresh page, others like to see the tabs from the previous session. Here is how to adjust this:

  • Open Opera GX browser on your computer
  • Next, open the Easy setup by clicking on the hamburger icon located in the top-right corner of the browser
  • Scroll down and click on the option “Go to browser settings”
  • Again, scroll down until you see “On startup” section
  • There, choose the option that suits you the most. You can go for Begin with fresh start page, or Retain tabs from previous session.
  • You can also enable the option “Display the start page first” or you can click on “Open a specific page or set of pages”. If you select the second option, two more things will show up.

  • You will be allowed to add new pages, or to use current ones.

What options you will choose is up to you. It is a matter of your needs and desires. The steps are here, so just follow them and adjust it all the way it suits you.

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