How to check the model of Chromebook

This line of affordable and portable laptops has gained a large following in the market of laptop owners over the years. Chromebooks are essentially designed for light workloads which can be completed by users who are mostly interested in using the internet and can work while on the move. Because of this, many users find them easily disposable or re-sellable.

Away from that, there may come a time when the Chromebook user wants to install new software, upgrade their existing software or even sell their Chromebook. All these are scenarios that require the owner to know exactly what he or she is working with. They will need to find out the model name, year of manufacture and serial number.

The procedures for checking the model of your Chromebook are many. We’ll start from the simplest and most obvious.

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Getting started on your Chromebook’s model

  • The first path to take when checking on the model of your Chromebook is by looking at the laptop itself or by looking at its original packaging. Most, if not all, Chromebooks have a label at the bottom once you turn them over. On it, you will see the model number, serial number as well as the laptop’s manufacturer. Be sure not to get the two numbers mixed up.
  • Another way of checking for the Chromebook model is by going through the Chromebook’s recovery utility. This is an app that can easily be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store into your Chromebook. Start by installing the app in your active Google account. Once this is complete, press on the ‘Launch app’ and then click on ‘Getting Started’. On the new pop-up page, you’ll see an option titled ‘For this Chromebook, enter…’ followed by a sequence of letters and numbers. Click on that highlighted link.

Once you do that, beneath the image of that laptop will appear your Chromebook’s model number.

  • Online search: A simpler way to identify your Chromebook’s model would be to use the “chrome://system”URL. Start by clicking on your Chrome browser and typing in the address before hitting Enter on the keyboard. The incoming window will give you a breakdown with plenty of information about your Chromebook. You also have the option of expanding the window to view further information. This function is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows as well.
  • Another way of using your online browser is a manual one. Let’s say your Chromebook was manufactured by Samsung. Do an overall quick search by typing in ‘Samsung + Chromebooks’ and then go through the results list to locate your model. If you have an Acer Chromebook, try typing in something like ‘Acer list of Chromebook models’. Admittedly, this route may not be as fast but it’s one of the alternatives.

Finding out the latest model

Various Chromebooks may be manufactured under a similar name even though some may be newer than others. The Acer 11.6” for example, because of its popularity, this model has several versions under its name. A quick Google search will reveal the different model numbers produced under the same name. Simply type in something like, ‘Acer 11.6” + the release date”. With this list, you can tell the latest model number released under that model name. This can come quite in handy if you’re looking to purchase a new Chromebook.

Most Chromebook owners can go the entire lifespan of their laptops without knowing some of the details discussed above, mostly because they’re not necessary for the users to operate their laptops. But in the case that you require this information, the steps to finding this information is quite simple.