How to check model of computer

There is a lot of reasons why you need to know which model of computer you have. Knowing the model is important when selling your computer, buying another or when you need to repair your device. When repairing, you must know which part of the computer to buy, because not all computers contain the same type of parts.

This is why you should find out which model is yours. We are going to represent a couple of solutions on how to check the model of the computer below.

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There is a couple of solutions by which you can find out what is the model of your computer. You can use Command Prompt, or System Information to get the information about your computer’s model number and brand.

Also, you can to the BIOS menu and see that information there, or just find it written on the product labels. Here are some more details about the solutions we have just mentioned.

Following the product labels

To get your model number you should check the labels on your device. If you own a laptop, your model information is written on the label which can be placed in different parts of the device. Therefore, you should look at the bottom of the laptop or under the battery.

Some brands have labels on the batteries themselves. The others just put labels under the bottom case. If this is a case with your computer, then gently open the lower case and check for the label.

If you own a desktop, the label can be placed on the top, sides or backside of the device. Most of the desktops have labels on their central processor units.

Command Prompt

Finding the information about your computer model in this way is easy, but it may vary from one OS to the other. But, as long as it is Windows, you should have any bigger troubles.

To start, you should enter Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key and “X” key on your keyboard. This should open a list of options, including the Command Prompt. In its heading can be written “Admin” as well, so just click on it. Typing command: WMIC SPRODUCT GET NAME and pressing Enter should lead you to see your computer model written on the screen.


This is the most reliable way to find out your computer’s model. When none of the solutions work for you, this one will for sure. Before you start, make sure to close all the apps and save all the work you have done, so you don’t lose it because the next step is restarting your device.

When the computer is turned on again, press key “F2” and “Esc” on your keyboard. This will lead you to the BIOS menu. If it didn’t work, restart your computer and try again. Once you are in, you will see all the information about your computer including the model number.

System Information

One of the most used ways to get the info about the computer model is System Information. It is an easy and reliable way and doesn’t require any special knowledge. After checking the labels, this is the easiest way to find out about your model of computer.

So, to get to the System Information, you should open the Start menu and find option “Run”, or just press Windows key and “R” key on the keyboard. Now, type the “msinfo32” in the blank space and confirm it by pressing Enter or clicking the “OK” or “Run” option. Your System Information will be opened. You will see there all the information about your computer, and a specific one called “System Model” as well. That is the exact model number of your computer that you were looking for.

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