How to check Dell laptop warranty status

Did you forget your Dell laptop warranty details like how long the warranty was going to last? Don’t worry. It is fairly simple to check it again if you want. To check it, you are going to need the service tag of your Dell laptop, a decent internet connection, and a web browser. If you have these things, checking the warranty status of your Dell laptop is a child’s play. You might be having a web browser on your laptop or smartphone. Most devices come with a pre-installed browser these days. Locating the service tag of the Dell laptop is all you need to do before you are ready to find out the warranty status of your Dell laptop.

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Using SupportAssist

SupportAssist is a software using which you can find out the service tag of your Dell laptop. A service tag is required for checking the warranty status of your Dell laptop. Most Dell devices have the SupportAssist software pre-installed. You can check whether your Dell laptop has the SupportAssist software by searching for it in the start menu of the Windows operating system desktop. However, in case your Dell laptop does not have the SupportAssist software, then you can download and install it from the official download link available on the Dell website (The Dell webpage at which this download link is present is Once you have the SupportAssist software on your Dell laptop, you can easily check the service tag of your Dell laptop. To check it, what you need to do is go to the start menu and search for the SupportAssist software. Once you have found the software, open it. When you have opened the SupportAssist software, you will see the service tag written in the top-right area of the window of the software. Once you have found this service tag of your Dell laptop, note it down to proceed to the next and final step.

Using Command Prompt

You can also use the Command Prompt software of the Microsoft Windows operating system to find out the service tag of your Dell laptop. To do so, open the Command Prompt. You can open it after searching it on the start menu. Another way to open it is by pressing the windows key with the ‘r’ key on the keyboard and then typing ‘cmd’ and pressing the enter key. Once you have the Command Prompt open, type ‘wmic bios get serialnumber’ without quotes and press enter. You will see the serial tag (or serial number) of your Dell laptop here. Save this service tag and proceed further.

Final step

After you have located the service tag of your Dell laptop, you need to go to a Dell webpage to check its warranty status. For this, first open a web browser on any device which can access the internet and then go to the link: from the web browser. A webpage from the Dell website will be opened now. On this webpage, you need to enter the service tag which you had found earlier. The service tag has to be entered in the edit box located under the heading ‘search support’. After you have entered the service tag here, check to confirm that it is entered correctly and then press enter or click on the ‘search’ option located beside this edit box. Now, the Dell webpage will display the warranty status of your Dell laptop. You can note it down for future reference or just remember in your mind. In case these steps did not work out for you, you can contact Dell support services.

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