How to check battery on Beats

Beats are a range of audio devices produced by Beats by Dre, a subsidiary of Apple Inc. One of their products, the Powerbeats Pro can last up to nine hours with you playing your music and six hours with you talking on the phone. Thanks to their affiliation with Apple, these audio devices are compatible with most, if not all, of their iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

If the low battery levels catch you off-guard, you will hear a beep through your earphones. If you don’t charge them immediately, you will hear another beep just before they die. But before it even comes to that, you can keep an eye on your battery levels in a few ways.

Thanks to the compatibility of Beats with iOS devices, there are more devices that you can use to check the battery on your Beats than there are for your other regular headphones.

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Look at the Earphones Indicator

If you’re an Android user, then you can’t check the battery levels using your phone. In this case, simply check the earphones themselves. The headphones come with a feature that can help you gauge how much charge they have left.

First, go to the left earphone, the one with an ‘L’ stamped on it. It comes with indicator light. If the light is white, that means there are around 12 hours of use left. If it’s red, then there’s a little under an hour left. But when the red light starts blinking that means the earphones require immediate recharging because they’re about to run out.

Using your iPhone:

  • With the case to the earphones open and the earphones inside, place the case next to your iPhone. If the two devices are already connected via Bluetooth, a pop-up window will show up on the home screen of your iPhone showing the charge levels for both the case and the earphones. If you want to see the levels for the individual earphones, take on of them out of the case.
  • Much like the Apple Pencil and the Apple Watch, you can also check the battery levels of your Beats through your iPhone’s Notification Centre.

First, make sure that your iPhone and your earphones are connected via Bluetooth, and then swipe your finger from the top of your screen to reveal the Notification Centre. Next, swipe right to see the Today view.

Navigate your way to the bottom of the notifications and you will see the ‘Edit’ icon which you will then press. Next, you’ll find yourself on the ‘Add Widgets’ page and if Batteries isn’t already on your widget list, this is where you will add it.

So, tap on the plus sign next to Batteries to add it to your list. Now click ‘Done’ at the top right side.

To view your edited widget list, go back to the Today view to see the battery levels of all your devices, including the Beats.


A faster way to check the battery levels on your Beats earphones can be achieved if you have Siri on your iPhone and your Beats are also connected to your iPhone. Prompt Siri by saying, “Hey Siri.” Then follow up with your question, “What is the battery level on my Power Beats Pro?” Alternatively, if you are wearing your headphones, simply talk into the earphones and ask Siri your question.

She will respond promptly with the charge levels for both the case and the headphones.

Apple watch

If you happen to own Apple’s smartwatch or the Apple watch, you have another route to use in checking the charge on your Beats earphones. This can be done whether the Beats are synced with your iPhone or your Apple watch.

On your watch’s home screen swipe upwards to reveal the Control center. Next, click on the battery symbol which is indicated by a percentage. Your Powerbeats Pro will have their battery level visible in the shape of a circle just below the percentage. To check the levels of the individual earphones, place one earphone back in its case.

On the Charging Case

Much like the Airpods, these earphones can charge while inside their case, as long as the case itself is charged and is indicating a white light. When the light turns red, this means that the case no longer has enough power to charge.