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How to check battery health on iPad

How to check battery health on iPad 2

Like most parts in any electronic device, the battery eventually wears out over time due to the constant use and charging. Now, the iPhone has its own in-built Battery Health Tool but Apple hasn’t extended the same feature to the iPad.

Most of the recently released iOS devices will go a complete day if they have a full charge, especially when they’re new. But as these devices get older and their batteries continue to be charged daily, they gradually depreciate in quality. As a result, the amount of time for which you can use the battery in your device on a full charge will continue to lessen.

Because of this, it’s important to keep track of your iPad’s battery life at all times as well as learning how to check on the battery health of your iPad. This can be down using the three desktop applications discussed below.

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How to check battery health on iPad 3

iMAZING – for Windows and macOS

This is a computer desktop software that can be downloaded on both your Mac and Windows computers. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and sync it with your iPad tablet.

On the sidebar, click on the iPad’s icon.

Then at the bottom right of the software’s window, you’ll spot a battery symbol. The Current Charge of your iPad will be on display.

Next, click on that battery icon to display the iMazing’s information table. You’ll spot your Current Charge percentage at the top and right beneath that you’ll see the health status of your iPad’s battery in percentage.

Below is the guide on your battery’s health status depending on how it reads on the software.

  • So, if the percentage displayed in the bigger font beneath your Current Charge is 100% then it means that your battery’s health status is ‘Excellent’. Consequently, your battery can charge to full capacity. The diagnosis on the app will read, ‘Your battery health is Excellent’.
  • If the percentage reads between 85-95%, it means the health status is ‘Good’. Diagnosis will read, ‘Your battery life is good’.
  • 70-84% means it’s ‘Average’,
  • And any number less than 70% means that your battery has a ‘Poor’ health status, and you should probably start planning for a new iPad.

coconutBattery – for MacOS

This software is only compatible with the Mac operating system. Once you’ve downloaded it, connect your iPad to your Mac. Finally, launch the software to display a table of information about your battery.

It’ll give you details like Full Charge capacity (reveals the current charge capacity) and Design Capacity (battery’s original capacity) – the higher the difference between the two, the more worn out your battery is.

Right below the Design Capacity is a percentage figure. If this figure falls below 80%, then start planning for a new iPad. It means the battery is nearing its end.

You will also get a figure showing the number of charge cycles your iPad has been through. iPad’s manufacturer, Apple, puts the maximum number of charge cycles at 1000. After that, it’s time to say goodbye.

3UTOOLS – for Windows

Upon installation of the app, sync your PC to your iPad and press on ‘Details’ right adjacent to Battery Life. These details include figures like Design Capacity (battery’s original capacity), Charge Times and Temperature.

This app suffers the misfortune of being sluggish so it’s only recommended if iMazing fails to perform on your computer.

Using these innovative and informative applications, iPad users have been able to get around the challenge of not having inbuilt settings to check on the health status of their iPads. These apps are free to download and can easily save you mishaps of overheating and sudden death of your iPads especially if they hold important information.

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