How to change your name on Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect place for everyone who is looking for some inspiration. So, no matter what kind of inspiration you seek, you will definitely find it there. You can use it on your PC, or on your Android or iOS device. Even though Pinterest exists for years, its popularity never went down and millions of users visit the website or use the app to find some fresh air for various aspects of their lives. Pinterest allows you to make changes whenever you feel like it, and one of the things you can change is your name and last name. Let’s say that back when you created the profile, you were single. And now you are married and have a different last name that you want to change. No problem. Follow this short and simple guide and you’ll do it in seconds. Let’s see how to change your name on Pinterest.

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How to change your name on Pinterest

To change your name or last name, or both, follow a few simple steps listed below:

  • Open the browser of your choice, go to the Pinterest website and log in
  • Click on the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Next, click Settings

  • The “Edit Profile” page will show up
  • Right there, you will see the fields with your name and last name
  • Delete the current ones and enter the ones you want
  • Once you complete making changes, click Done.

That is all. You have successfully changed your name, last name, or both on Pinterest. It was simple, right? Now that you are done with that part, go to find some inspiration and have fun!

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