How to change VRV password

VRV (or ‘verve’ as is sounded) is a brand of Crunchyroll – it is usually VRV, made by Crunchyroll. It is a US-only streaming service that avails to its users’ content such as cartoon classics (Boomerang), indie cartoons (Cartoon Hangover), and anime (Crunchyroll). Besides, VRV also shows extreme animation (Mondo), throwback Nick shows (Nicksplat), and original online hits (Rooster Teeth).

Also, VRV offers gaming and comedy content. It occupies the same video on demand (VOD) space that Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ (among others) do. It also operates in a subscription model with a single exclusive package (Premium) which goes for $9.99 a month (exclusive of taxes).

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Passwords and VRV

Passwords are a crucial security feature. Their usage is appreciated in almost all platforms that require user interaction. They are usually case-sensitive and have at least eight characters. Upon signing up for VRV, you are required to add an email address and a password. This article will guide you on how to change your VRV account’s password.

Why change, though?

One of the main reasons for changing one’s password is to prevent unauthorized access to the account of interest. Imagine this – you have paid a Premium Plan package only to realize that you are not the only one enjoying it since some scumbag (*chuckles*) is just taking advantage of you because they have your password. Worse still – the scumbag could open your account and change the password. Now you do not have access and are now outside – cold and alone. Here is how to change your password on the website and the app.

On the web (

  1. On your browser of choice, visit the website. If your account was logged in, you should be opened to the VRV home page of your account. If not, enter your login details.
  2. On your account’s home page, click on the icon which is at the top-right corner.
  3. On the menu that shows, click on the ‘Account Settings’ option which is below the ‘Edit Profile’ one.
  4. On the ‘Account Settings’ page, click on the ‘Change’ button that is to the right of the ‘Password’ label.
  5. Once you do, a pop-up will show. Now, you will need to input your old password and your new password twice in the relevant boxes.
  6. To effect the change, click on the yellow ‘Update Password’ button.

On the app (Android and iOS)

  1. From the list of your apps or on your home screen, tap on the VRV icon.
  2. If need be, log in to your account using your email address and password. When this is successful, you will open up to the ‘Home’ screen of your account.
  3. Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon which is at the bottom-right part of the screen.
  4. On the ‘Settings’ page and under the ‘Account & Profile’ section, tap on the ‘Change Password’ option.
  5. On the ‘Change Password’ screen, enter your old password and your new password twice.
  6. When done, tap on the ‘Update Password’ button.

Should be okay by now

Passwords are a big deal when it comes to cybersecurity. If you feel like your VRV account has been compromised, contact VRV support. To avoid forgetting your password, use password management software apps or browsers like Google Chrome that save your passwords.

Although inconvenient, you change your passwords from time to time. Start hoping that VRV will add a feature where you can monitor the devices used to log in to your account. This way, you can know when it is time to change your VRV password.