How to Change Search Engine Safari on iPhone

With the Safari app, browsing is pure enjoyment. Safari is a default browser on the iPhone, and it has many features that resemble the desktop version. For instance, Safari on the iPhone has a frequently visited site feature, and you can use it to find the site you visited many times, really fast.

Moreover, the feature has become a part of a new Safari since iOS 7 is a Unified URL box and search field, which means that you can type the URL website you want to visit and search specific keywords, and Safari will give you suggestions. The Default Search engine on Safari is Google, the number one search engine at the moment.

People mainly use the Google search engine because it’s fast, accurate, and reliable. Although, not everyone will want to use Google. If you are not a huge fan of Google and want to make a change, this article is for you.

We will explain how you can change the search engine Safari on your iPhone.

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Steps to change the search engine in Safari on iPhone

These steps are for iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 7 or later

  • Go to Settings >> Safari

How to Change Search Engine Safari on iPhone

  • Find the search engine option.

How to Change Search Engine Safari on iPhone

  • Choose the search engine that you are going to use.

How to Change Search Engine Safari on iPhone

In our example, the new search engine option is DuckDuckGo.

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