How to change AnyDesk ID

In this article, we are going to be showing you how you can change your own AnyDesk ID. Also, we are going to be talking about AnyDesk IDs, what are they, for what are they used for, and which symbols and letters can become a part of your AnyDesk IDs.

AnyDesk is a remote control software program that allows you to connect your computer with any other device that you might own. You are able to see your files, access some programs, and transfer some of your computer files to another device. This is a very practical and useful app, and many people around the globe use it on a daily basis. It is completely free if you are an individual who just needs to connect and pair their devices together so that you have access to them wherever you are. It is really awesome that you are able to connect with your desktop computer even if you are on the other side of the world, and very far away from it, you do not have to be connected to the same network! However, this software is not free for companies. They must pay a small monthly feed in order to use AnyDesk and connect their users and devices together. A monthly subscription fee for AnyDesk costs around 10 dollars a month, which is a lot cheaper than other software remote control programs.

So, without further ado, here is how to change your ID and alias on AnyDesk application.

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What is ID on AnyDesk?

When you first install the AnyDesk software on your computer, you get a numerical ID code that is used for identifying your device. You pair and connect your two devices using that AnyDesk ID code which is visible to you whenever you open the ANyDesk app. Basically, that ID represents your device’s address. When you want to pair your computer to another device, you must enter that computer’s ID into your AnyDesk phone app so that the pairing process could begin.

Before you start changing your ID, it is important to know that allowed symbols are: numbers from 9 to 0, uppercase letters from A-Z, and low letters from A-Z. Of course, you are also able to use dots, minuses, and also _ these signs. But, all other symbols are forbidden and invalid, so, do not try to use them in your new AnyDesk ID.

Head over to the second paragraph of this article to find out how you can change your own AnyDesk ID.

Steps to changing your ID and Alias on AnyDesk

Let’s be clear, if you are using AnyDesk for free, you will not be able to change your ID nor your alias. When you first install the AnyDesk software, you have the ability to change your ID. But, that same ID cannot be changed later. So, if you have been using your free AnyDesk account, unfortunately, you cannot change your ID.

If you have AnyDesk license, you are able to change your ID three times.

  • When you open up the AnyDesk app on your computer, head over to the Settings section.
  • In the settings section, find the ID and Alias settings and click on them in order to expand those settings.
  • You will be able to see the Choose alias settings there or click on the Change license key. Click on one of these options in order to change them.
  • Another new window should be opened on your screen. You will be able to type in your new ID or your new Alias. So, be creative and make up the ID or Alias that is easy to remember.
  • After you are done, just save your settings by clicking on the Save button.