How to cancel Showtime subscription

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As most people have already heard, Showtime is a cable network available to users in the United States. When you start using it, at first you have seven days of the free trial, so you can get to know the network better and it can help you decide if you want to become a subscriber.

The subscription on Showtime costs 10.99$ and sometimes there is a discount for the users. But, are you wondering how to cancel Showtime subscription? Here is a couple of information, on how to do so, so keep reading the article.

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How to subscribe

If you are about to become a subscriber on the Showtime network, you can do it very easily. Just go to the official web page of Showtime, and find and click on the Subscribe button. It can be shown as a Start free trial button, but when you click on it, you will see the explanation and directions on how to become a subscriber. You will also have to fulfill some text boxes with the required information, so you can become a regular Showtime subscriber.

You can also become a subscriber if you visit some other pages that showtime has a partnership with, such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, Roku, and the others. The list of Showtime’s partners can be easily found on the internet, official web site, and partner’s sites.

Now, if you are a subscriber on showtime, and you want to cancel the subscription, we will explain how to do so. Reasons to cancel subscription can be numerous, such as you find it expensive, you are not satisfied with this network, you don’t like the content that is provided, or you may be moving out of the United States so you will not be able to watch it anymore.

Cancel subscription

As you already know, you can become a subscriber directly on the Showtime’s page, or the web sites of Showtime’s partners. In the same way, you can cancel the subscription. It is important to say that you can cancel the subscription at any time, and it doesn’t cost any money.

Depending on which site you subscribed for the Showtime, you will cancel it there. If you are not sure, then just open the Showtime’s official site and go on the Help button. There will be your solution. It is very nicely explained, and the network made it easy for us to access and the option we need.

If you are subscribed to Showtime’s site, this is how you can cancel it. At first, go to the web page and sign in. In the top right corner where your profile picture is, click and open the main menu. It the menu, find and click the Account Settings option. Now, find the option Your Subscription. There, you will have the option to Cancel Your Subscription. Click on it, and then just follow directions to have it done.

Useful information

The procedure to cancel a subscription on the site where you have started it is as same as on the official Showtime’s page. All you need to do is to follow directions, and you will have it done very quickly.

Another useful information is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, but yet you will be able to use it until its day of expiration. This means that if there are 10 days left until the next payment, and you cancel it then, you will be able to use it for those 10 days, and then the subscription will end.

Another good stuff about Showtime is that you have a week of the free trial, which will help you to get to know the Showtime network and decide if it is good enough for you.

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