How to cancel Philo free trial

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As you know, the Philo TV network is offering its users many different possibilities, including a free trial at the beginning. The free trial lasts for seven days, and during this period you can get to know if Philo is a fitting network for you if the channels they offer are the ones you like, but also during the free trial, you can cancel it.

But, how to cancel Philo's free trial? In this article, we gathered the information so you can easily get to know how to do so.

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How to Cancel Philio Free Trial

When you are about to start a free trial and check if the Philo TV network is good enough for you, you should visit Philo’s official website and sign up. Opening the website, you will notice immediately the text box where you should type in an email address or phone number. Then you will receive the message with the code that needs to be entered so you can start your free trial.

Two days after you start it, Philo will ask you to enter a payment method, or better say to type in your credit card number. But, you still have five days of free trial left. After five days expire, Philo will charge you 20$, because you didn’t cancel the subscription.

The system is working this way and takes into consideration you as a new user, and if you don’t like Philo’s network services, you should cancel it before you get charged.

How to Cancel Philio Subscription

If you have signed up for a free trial, and it turns out that you are not satisfied with it, you should not type in your payment details that Philo will ask you to do after two days. But, if you typed the credit card number in, and decided to keep watching until the end of the free trial, you need to follow these steps. Just to be sure to cancel it on time, watch out when the last day of the free trial is coming.

So, to cancel the free trial that Philo is offering you:

  • Go to the official website and log in with the code they have sent you at the moment of your subscription for a free trial.
  • When you are logged in, look at the bottom of the page that is opened.
  • There, you will notice an option named Cancel my account.
  • Click on it, and follow the directions. It will take just a couple of moments for you to cancel the subscription.

During the period of the free trial, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and the best part is that there are no hidden costs although you have entered the credit card number in the form.

More information on how to cancel Philio's free trial

It is good to know that the Philo TV network is providing many channels for watching, including the most popular ones as well. Many other options are coming with this network, such as an unlimited recording of shows that you are not able to watch at the moment.

But you can record them for watching later. These recorded, saved contents can stay saved up to 30 days.

Also, you can stream on up to three devices that Philo is supporting. This option is free, and there are not any extra costs. Philo has a different offer; besides the included options, you can buy some other services, but paying a few extra dollars at the basic package.

Another great stuff about Philo is that often it offers its users discounts, but also its fair price, which makes Philo affordable to almost everyone.

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