How to cancel Crunchyroll subscription

Are you dissatisfied with the kind of content Crunchyroll provides? Do you think that the Crunchyroll Premium membership is not worth its cost? Have you had disappointing experiences with the Crunchyroll platform? If the answer to one or more questions is yes, then you need to know that you can cancel the Crunchyroll Premium membership plan and it is very easy and simple to do so. This article explains how you can cancel the Crunchyroll Premium membership plan simply and straightforwardly. All you need to do is read this article and follow the step by step process described here.

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Credit card

If you have started your Crunchyroll subscription using your credit card, then you need to go through the steps under this section.

First, go to the Crunchyroll website homepage on a browser. Make sure to use a browser supported by the Crunchyroll website and on a device connected to a good quality internet connection. Log in to the Crunchyroll website. To log in, first, click on the login option located on the top bar of the webpage. Now, in the new page that opens up, provide your email address used to create the Crunchyroll account in the text box labeled ‘email or username’ in the right section of the webpage. After that, enter the password in the text box below that. Click on the ‘log in’ button below.

Click on the profile option in the bar at the top. A drop-down menu will open up. Click on the ‘settings’ option on that menu. A new page will open. In the left section of this new page, you should see the ‘premium membership status’ option under the ‘account settings’ option. You need to click on this option. In the right section, you should see a ‘cancel’ button. Click on this ‘cancel’ button. Confirm the cancellation, if prompted. You will be asked if you want to cancel the recurring payments or cancel the premium membership right away. If you cancel the recurring payments, then you will be able to enjoy the premium membership until the next billing cycle. If you cancel the Crunchyroll membership, you will lose access to your Crunchyroll membership right away.

You must know that if you are using a free trial, then if you cancel the membership, your access will be immediately taken away.


If you have subscribed to the Crunchyroll membership using the iTunes platform, then you can either cancel through your iOS device like an iPad or iPhone or you can cancel through your Mac.

For canceling on an iOS device, go to the settings app and open it. Enter your name with which you have the Apple ID. Go to the subscription section. Go to the Crunchyroll subscription and tap on the ‘Cancel subscription’ option.

For canceling the Crunchyroll subscription on Mac, go to the Apple app store. Sign in with your Apple ID. Click on the ‘view subscription’ option. Go to the subscription and click on the ‘manage’ option. Beside the Crunchyroll, click on the ‘manage’ option. Click on the ‘Cancel subscription’ option.


For those who subscribed to Crunchyroll using their PayPal account, open a browser and go to the PayPal website. The browser should be supported by the PayPal website and must be on a device connected to a good internet connection. Sign in on the PayPal website. Go to the Crunchyroll subscription option. Click on the ‘manage’ option. Then, click on the ‘cancel’ option. Confirm the cancellation and accept to stop the recurring payments. The Crunchyroll Premium membership should now be canceled.