How To Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone In Various Scenarios

How To Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone In Various Scenarios

When you want to upgrade the iPhone, but your budget does not allow you to buy the brand new one, getting the second-hand is the most suitable way. However, buying a used Apple device is not as simple as you might think. The very first thing to do before buying a second-hand iPhone is to make sure it has been erased and is not linked to the previous owner’s account. Otherwise, you may see the Activation Lock screen, which requires the previous owner’s Apple ID and you won’t be able to use the phone. If you are facing this issue, don’t panic. I will share how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone. Keep breathing and keep reading.

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What Is Activation Lock?

Apple provides its devices with a security feature called Activation Lock to prevent it falls into wrong hands. It’s part of Find My app (previously Find My iPhone). The feature will be automatically activated once you turn on the My Find app on your iPhone.

If you bought iPhone with Activation Lock screen inside, you would not be able to use any services and features on your iPhone. Although you get it at a very low price, if it cannot be used at all, then it is worthless. The good news is, there is a way to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone. So, don’t throw away your iPhone just yet.

How To Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone In Various Scenarios

Ask The Previous Owner To Turn Off The Activation Lock

To check if your iPhone is protected by Activation Lock or not, switch it off and switch back on. If you see the Passcode lock screen, ask the seller to unlock it. Ask the previous owner to enter the Apple ID and password on the Activation Lock screen. Then, ask to sign out from iCloud and iTunes & App Store. Next, go back to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Those steps can only be applied if the seller is close by. If you bought the iPhone online, ask the seller to remove your iPhone from their Apple account remotely. They don’t know how to do it? Tell them to follow these steps:

  1. On their computer, go to and sign in using their Apple ID.
  2. Click on Find My iPhone.
  3. Click All Devices
  4. Select your iPhone on the devices list.
  5. Hit Erase
  6. Click Next and hit Remove from Account
  7. Turn off your iPhone and turn it back on.
  8. Now, you are ready to set up your new iPhone.

Go To Nearby Apple Store

What if the previous owner forgets their own Apple ID, password, and even the passcode? How to remove iCloud activation lock without password? Ask them if they have a valid proof of purchase. If they can provide it, that’s good. You can take it with you to the nearby Apple Store and tell the staff the issue. They will help you to bypass Activation Lock on your iPhone.

Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone Using Third-Party Software

You tried to reach out to the seller, but failed or it seems that the person not really cares about your issues and refuse to take responsibility. You don’t have a valid proof of purchase either. What to do? Using third-party software like iMyFone iBypasser Bypass iCloud Lock can be a way out of this issue.

This software can help you to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone in minutes. Before downloading iMyFone iBypasser, make sure your Mac computer use macOS 10.13 to macOS 15 and is connected to the Internet. It also available for PC with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 OS inside.

  1. Download and install iMyFone iBypasser by clicking on this link. Launch the software on your Mac computer and click Start.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and it will start downloading a jailbreak package for your iPhone.
  3. When the downloading process is done, click the Start Jailbreak button and follow the onscreen instructions. When the jailbreak process is done, click Next.

    Note: It will disable the function of the phone-call, cellular, and iCloud of your new Apple ID after bypassing the iCloud activation lock screen.

  4. On the next screen, check if all of your iPhone information is correct. Whenever you are ready, click Start Bypass.
  5. Once its finish, click Done.
  6. Now, log in using your Apple ID from App Store or iTunes Store. Avoid log in through the Settings.

If the seller forgets the passcode, use LockWiper to remove various iPhone passwords. LockWiper allows you to bypass 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, and even Face ID.

DNS Method

Domain Name System (DNS) method is another option you can try to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone. Unfortunately, it may not work for all iOS versions. Many users find it works well on iOS 8 to iOS 10 only. Moreover, it will only allow you to access limited features of your iPhone.

  1. Make sure you have a SIM card installed on your iPhone.
  2. On the iPhone Activation Lock screen, tap the home button, and choose Start Over.
  3. Select Language and Region.
  4. On WiFi Settings screen, tap the exclamation sign ‘i’ next to the network name and tap Forget This Network.
  5. Tap the ‘i’ sign, and enter a DNS server to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

You can use one of these DNS servers.

USA: America:
Australia and Oceania:
Other continents:

  1. Tap Back, choose a WiFi network, and enter the password. Then, tap Join.
  2. Tap Back and you are on the iCloud DNS Bypass screen. Here, tap on the Menu section and set up your iPhone apps, Internet, Camera, Mail, etc.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to secure smartphone, iPhone is the tough one. Apple protects users with a bunch of security feature on their product, like Passcode, Activation Lock, etc. It can be a great point, but on the other hand can stress you out. If you have tried any methods but come to nothing, iMyFone iBypasser can be ace of the hole for your iPhone Activate Lock screen issues. The monthly plan is only $39.99/month, but by adding extra $10 you can get 1 year plan for $49.95. However, the best option is the Lifetime plan which cost $69.95 for 5 iOS devices.