How To Block Ads On Crunchyroll

Ads have been popularized on the Internet in recent times, especially on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube,

Ads have been popularized on the Internet in recent times, especially on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Funimation, and in this case, Crunchyroll. Although they are brilliant money-making and product-selling items, ads can be annoying-annoying (deserves to be said twice). You could be fixed on an episode of Death Note and at the zenith of action, your broadcast gets interrupted by an ad. On Crunchyroll, most advertisements are usually promoting other anime shows, especially Crunchyroll originals.

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What should be known

There are different kinds of ads on Crunchyroll. We have the ones that appear in the videos. The others appear as banners and pop-ups on the website. In recent months, it has been difficult to remove in-video ads because rumor has it that Crunchyroll is now using a tough ad-block circumvention technology.

There are no in-platform functionalities that enable you to disable ads on Crunchyroll. Anyway, why would they even be there? This means that to achieve ad blocking, a third-party item must be used. This item can either be an adblocking software or an extension on your browser. Some of these items are AdGuard and AdLock, which are ad-blocking software.

This article will focus on AdGuard and how you can use it to block banner and pop-up ads on Crunchyroll’s website (not the app).

FYI: AdGuard offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you can get it at $2.49 per month (billed annually).

AdGuard and ad-blocking on Crunchyroll

You can either choose to download AdGuard on your desktop or laptop. Also, you can choose to install its extensions on the browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari et cetera). This article shall focus on downloading AdGuard then adding it to your default browser as an extension.

Downloading and installing AdGuard

  1. On your browser, click here to visit AdGuard’s website.
  2. On AdGuard’s home page, click on the green ‘Download’ button. The download will start immediately and should finish in the thwart of a duck’s tail.
  3. Click the file (adguardInstaller.exe). The install should not take long. Remember to uncheck the ‘Close browser if necessary’ option before you get cut off from serious business on your browser.
  4. Click the green ‘Install’ button. This should not take too long. Then, click the ‘Finish’ button.

These steps might be a long cut but they take care of you, whichever browser you use.

  1. Once the install is done, double-click the AdGuard icon to open it.
  2. When it loads, start to configure protection by clicking ‘Let’s do it’.
  3. Then, click ‘Proceed’ until you get to the ‘AdGuard Browser Assistant’ screen. The installed software will have detected your default browser.
  4. On the screen, click the ‘Download the extension’ hyperlink. You will be opened to your browser’s web store.
  5. Click the ‘Add to ’ button. The extension should be downloaded and added automatically by your browser. AdGuard will reopen and ask you to activate your free trial. When this is done, protection will be turned on.


  1. On your (default) browser, click on and login to your account.
  2. On the same page (, click on the AdGuard icon which is at the menu bar. It is a shield-like icon with a white tick in the inside.
  3. On the menu that appears, enable ad protection by toggling the ‘Enable’ button on.

Once this happens, action will be implemented on the banners – they will be removed. If not, just click the AdGuard icon and then the ‘Block ads on this website’ option. Choose the ad-elements and block them.

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