How To Auto-Reject Phone Calls On The LG G3

Whether it is your friend who just keeps calling you even when you reject the call several times, or it is just those irritating telemarketing callers who annoy the crap out of you, LG G3 has got your side to automatically reject those calls whenever you need to. And to tell you beforehand, you will not even have to lift a finger to do this. All the calls are rejected based on the parameters that you will be setting following the steps in this guide.

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How to auto-reject calls on LG G3

The first thing you need to do is to make your way to the appropriate settings area where this can be done. Here’s how to reach there:

  • First, head over to Settings (obviously).
  • Keep scrolling down in the Settings menu until you see the “Call” option.
  • Once you tap that “Call” option, you have to look there for the “Call reject” option.
  • So once you find the call reject option, you have reached the right place to set those parameters that I will be mentioning below.
How To Auto-Reject Phone Calls On The LG G3

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Once you are inside the Call Reject option, you will be faced by two options: “Call reject mode” and the “Reject calls from” option. Here’s what each of those option does.

Call reject mode: This option lets you do either of these three things; turn this option completely off, reject calls on a particular list that you create, or you simply reject all the calls. The third option is best suited when you just want to spend some time alone and don’t want to be interrupted by anyone.

Reject Calls from: This option does exactly what it says. It will allow you to reject calls from a specific list of numbers that you can choose from your contacts, your call logs, or you can simply enter the number manually.

And that’s pretty much it. You can literally tailor that option to your needs and never be disturbed again.