How to archive and unarchive Telegram chats

Telegram is, as you already probably know, a messaging platform. It is currently one of the most popular platforms in the whole wide world.

Telegram always wants to please their users, so that they are comfortable while they are using the app, so, recently, Telegram got a new feature in the app. It is an archiving chats feature. This feature is really helpful if you maybe like to organize things, and you do not want to get messages that keep bothering you. It is a really great way to, perhaps, organize the chat so you do not get notifications until you are busy doing something and you want to stay focused. You are always able to unarchive the chat and to use it regularly. Archiving chat means that you either do not want to chat with that person any longer, but you do not want to block them. Or, you perhaps, as we mentioned earlier, do not want those messages to disturb you while you are doing something important. Whatever the reason why you want to archive your Telegram chats is, we will be showing you how to do it in just a few simple steps. And also, we are going to teach you the reverse process, the unarchiving chats process. So, keep reading this article to find out how to do it.

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Steps to Archiving chats on Telegram

There are two ways in which you can archive your chats. You are able to archive them until that person you were chatting with sends you a new message, or, you are able to archive the chats until you decide that you want to unarchive it and start chatting with that user once again. We will explain to you both ways of how you can to this.

Archiving chats until a person sends you a message:

This is a really, super simple thing to do. You just need to find that chat, place your finger on it, and swipe left. It is as simple as that, really you have now archived a chat. The chat will be in the archive section on your Telegram profile, and it will be unarchived as soon as you get a new message from that person.

But, if you want to archive chats until you decide that you want to unarchive them, follow the steps down below

Archiving chats for good:

  • First, find and open the chat that you want to archive.
  • You will now have to mute the chat. To do that, find the Mute button somewhere on your device’s screen and lightly tap on it. You have to do this before archiving it because if you do not, you will get messages from that user and the chat will be unarchived as soon as the message arrives.
  • Now return to the Home page of the Telegram app, and to your chat list.
  • Find that chat once again, put your finger on it, and swipe left.

The chat will be archived and it will stay that way until you decide that you want to unarchive it.

Steps to unarchiving chats on Telegram

The steps to unarchiving chats on Telegram are also super easy! It is just a reverse process from the one that we have just explained in the first paragraph of this article.

  • To unarchive a chat, first, open up the Telegram Archive in the app.
  • Find the chat that you no longer want it to be archived and swipe left.

The chat is going to be back at your chat list. You can now send and receive messages with no interruptions. This was a really simple process; don’t you think so?