How to adjust volume in Google Meet

Another great function that Google is offering us a Google Meet. Many of us use this tool because it is an awesome way to include many participants in the meeting which cannot be in person. These days, Google Meet is often used by teachers to communicate with their students, because of the pandemic situation that has spread all over the world.

As the students discovered they can mute anyone in the meeting, Google has improved options, so only the creator of the meeting can mute someone during the session. But, how to adjust the volume in Google Meet?

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How to use Google Meet?

Google Meet can be used on smartphones, iPad, laptops, or desktop computers. The procedure is very simple, and there are also apps available for smart devices. Google Meet includes a simple interface, so anyone can start using it. All you need to do is to follow simple directions and read options and headings when you open Google Meet.

When it comes to the volume in Google Meet, it can be adjusted in several ways. You can mute a participant in the session, so you don’t hear any sound coming from him, or you can adjust your microphone and speakers if they don’t work as you need them to work. All of these options are easy to find and work with, so you won’t lose much of your time to adjust them.

Mute a participant

If you are a teacher who works on Google Meet with your students, you should know how to mute someone when you need silence. So, on the right side of your screen, there will be shown a list of participants in the session. you will notice three options under the list, and the middle one is a Mute option.

To mute a specific participant, you should go over its name and then squeeze the Mute button. Next to the mute, there is an option to remove the participant placed, so click on it you will remove the person from the session. When you mute a participant, in the same way, you can unmute him as well. A muted person will have a red sign on its picture, so you will be able to easily distinguish muted and unmuted participants in the session.

Adjusting audio settings in the browser

If the sound doesn’t work well in Google Meet, you should check the settings in the Google Meet as well as on the device you are using for sessions.

To check the audio settings in Chrome, you should head to the main Settings menu, placed in the right corner, at the bottom of the screen. The menu is marked with three dots in a row. Click on it, and when it opens look for the Settings option. You will notice there Audio Settings heading.

Under this heading, there are options for adjusting speakers and microphones on Google Meet. You will be able to test the detection of sounds or to reproduce the sounds to check if speakers are working properly.

Check audio settings on your device

Audio settings may be set perfectly well on the Google Meet, but it doesn’t work properly due to the settings on the device you are using to access the Google Meet session. To adjust audio settings on your device, go to the main menu, and find audio settings. Each operating system allows you to test your input and output settings and provides a lot of options you can set according to your needs.

When you do so, make sure to restart both, your Chrome browser and your computer as well. After restarting, everything should be working properly.

You need to remember one thing in particular, and that is to allow Google Meet to access your camera, microphone, and speakers. If there is no permission, you will be having trouble with the session.