How to adjust screen brightness on Honor 10

Smartphones offer fun and enjoyment, and one of the best things about them is the fact that you can play with the options and tailor everything the way you want. The same goes for Honor 10. If you want to make some changes, just dive into the phone’s settings and you’ll see plenty of options that you can change and adjust to match your desires. One of the things you can change is the screen brightness. So, if you just got this phone and if you are not sure how to do it, keep reading. We are going to show you how to adjust screen brightness on Honor 10.

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How to adjust screen brightness on Honor 10

If you find that display on your phone is too bright, you can lower the brightness down. It is very simple. Also, you can turn on the Auto-brightness option and the level of brightness will change automatically depending on the light in the room you are currently in. Let’s see how to adjust it:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone
  • Now tap Display & brightness
  • You will find Brightness at the top of the screen and the slider you can move right or left to adjust it according to your desires

As we mentioned, you can enable Auto-brightness. To do that, just tap on the switch next to “Automatic option”.

Also, you can always adjust the brightness level by swiping down from the top of the screen. When you do that, the brightness slider will appear and you can drag it to the left or to the right.

That’s it.

A quick note – by lowering down the level of brightness on your smartphone, the battery may last a bit longer. So, that’s one more reason do to it and now you know the steps.