How to Adjust EQ Settings on Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker created by Google in its range of smart home products. Like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home is the host for Google Assistant. It will respond to voice commands and can interact with other smart home tools that are connected to Google Home. Google Home also allows you to change the equalizer (EQ) settings so that you can have a better sound system when playing music. This will give you a better overall experience when using Google Home.

In this article, we will be showing you the steps to adjust the EQ settings on your Google Home device.

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Steps to follow

Part 1: Link your Google Home device with your mobile device

To access the settings for your Google Home device, you must first link the device to a mobile device or tablet.

  1. Plug-in your Google Home device to the main power source. The Google Home will be automatically switched on.
  2. On your mobile device, launch Google Play Store or AppStore from your home screen.
  3. Download the latest version of the Google Home app from the respective stores. You can download the app by searching within the stores or using these links for iOS and Android.
  4. Ensure your mobile device is connected to the Wi-Fi source that you want your Google Home to be connected to. Additionally, turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  5. Log in to the Google Home app using your Google Account. You will need your Gmail address and password.
  6. Once you have set up your Google Account, the App will likely send you a notification that the Google Home device has been detected. If there is no notification, select the plus bottom within the Home screen. Then, choose the option to Set up a new device.
  7. A set of numbers will appear on both your mobile device and your Google Home. Verify that both numbers are the same.
  8. You may need to input the physical address of your Google Home.
  9. Once the previous step is done, you have linked the Google Home to your mobile device. You may be prompted to customize other settings within your Google Home app if you are setting up Google Home for the first time.

Part 2: Adjusting the EQ settings

  1. Tap on the Google Home icon on the home screen of the Google Home app on your mobile device.
  2. Select the equalizer settings. It should be located on the top right of your screen. It has an icon of three horizontal lines with three short vertical lines intersecting each horizontal line.
  3. From there, there will be two bars: Bass and Treble.
  4. Change the frequency for the bass and treble by dragging the circular icon on the bar to change how the sound will turn out when playing music.
  5. Increasing the bass frequency will give a stronger sound will be playing music on lower frequencies. Thus, the bass beat or kick drum sounds will be more prominent.
  6. By increasing the frequency of the treble, you will hear stronger sounds on the higher frequencies.
  7. You may need to play music and repeat this step a few times to tune it to the right frequency. As each person will have different preferences, you will have to try it out a few times before you find the perfect sound.

Closing words

You may find that as time goes by, the speakers will ‘warm-up’ and the sound may change again. You can repeat the steps in Part 2 to tune it to a sound you enjoy again.