How to add music to Twitch stream

On their "Music Guidelines" page, Twitch makes it very clear that no user is supposed to use copyrighted music on their content, be it live streams, past broadcasts, and premieres, highlights, clips, or uploads.

Music that can be shared on Twitch should either belong to a user or the user needs to have permission to play it (if it’s not their own). Other music that can be played is from Twitch Sings (songs that belong to Twitch) such as Monstercat.

How then do you add music?

Music is a beautiful spice that gives a bland live stream the energy it needs. A silent video will always feel strange. As pointed out, copyrighted music is a no-no. You can get banned when Twitch discovers that you are playing music illegally if you know what that means.

You can either use Nightbot or Spottybot to add music to your Twitch stream. Since Spottybot is only available in select countries, this article will focus on how you can add music using Nightbot.

Using Nightbot to add music to Twitch Stream

If you don’t know, Nightbot is a chatbot developed by NightDev. This will help you add music to your Twitch stream. Nightbot can add music from Sound Cloud, Spotify (in select countries), and YouTube to your live stream.

Before you start the steps that follow, you need to sign into Nightbot using your Twitch account.

  1. Visit and click the purple button ‘Sign Up’ in the middle of the screen or the ‘Login’ button at the top right corner.
  2. Then authorize Nightbot to have control over your channel.

On Nightbot

  1. On the page that shows the Nightbot’s dashboard, click on the ‘Song Requests’ then the ‘Auto DJ’ button.
  2. On the "Song Requests" page that appears to the right of the screen, click "Enable" then "Settings".
  3. On the box that floats over your web page, the following sections and sub-sections will be displayed:
    1. General
      1. User-level – Here, user levels are listed from highest to lowest. Set this at ‘Everyone’.
      2. Providers – Click on YouTube (for later consistency).
  • Playlist – When your song request queue is empty, Nightbot pulls songs from the selected playlist. “Channel” is your playlist, so choose it.
  1. Search Provider –You can either choose between YouTube, Sound Cloud, or Spotify (in select countries). Choose YouTube.
  1. Limits – here, set the queue length, limits to playlists, and users.
  2. YouTube – here, you can require the requested YouTube videos to be from the Music category or the songs requested (by Everyone) to have more likes than dislikes.

Once this is set, you can add music.

  1. Click on the "Request Song". In the small box that appears, add the song URL from YouTube.

To save yourself the trouble of copying and pasting, search the song using keywords.

If the song is on YouTube, it will be picked out and added automatically to the playlist.

  1. The song will start to play on a small screen that is powered by YouTube. Click on "Save to Channel Playlist" to add it. Do this with a couple of songs until you get your playlist complete.

Now, whenever you want to start a stream, visit and click Song Requests > AutoDJ > Play. This will start playing the first song on your ‘Channel’ playlist and Nightbot will play the others that follow without you needing to click next.

You can look into using an OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) such as Streamlabs to better the process of adding music to your Twitch stream. The Nightbot app on Windows or macOS will get you covered.

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