How to add music to a video

Try to imagine Jaws without the famous tune that plays when the shark is about to attack. The show would never have been as tense and frightening without that soundtrack. Music is a large part of video making. It plays towards the audio sensors we have that makes our brains emit an emotion in response to the audio information we receive. This gives the audience a more realistic experience when watching the videos.

In this article, we will cover the ways to add music to videos so that you can create more professional videos yourself.

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Part 1: Choosing the music

When it comes to adding music, the music you choose must fit the theme your video clip is trying to portray. For example, if your video clip is a scene of bear cubs watching their mother fight off predators, you would want to choose fast and intense music to keep your audience on the edge of their setas.

Always remember to use royalty-free, copyright-cleared or copyright-free music. This is to avoid legal complications that may arise from infringing on copyrighted works. The following are some steps to obtain such music from YouTube.

  1. Launch YouTube from your browser.
  2. From the panel on the left, click on Your Videos.
  3. When you have landed on the new page, click on the blue button labeled YouTube Studio on the top right of your window.
  4. Look for the panel on the left of the page you are directed to. Select the option for the audio library. From there, you can download and preview music that creators have made available for public use.

Part 2: Adding the downloaded music to your video

Solution 1: Using video editing software

Using video editing software allows you to add effects to the music track that you want to add. Some, like Adobe Premiere Pro, are costlier, whereas others, like DaVinci Resolve, have free versions on the market. We will use DaVinci Resolve as an example.

  1. Download the video editing software that you would like to use. You can do so by downloading the compatible software from the Blackmagic Design website.
  2. Launch the software and create a new project. Alternatively, select an existing project if you already have an ongoing project that you would like to add music to.
  3. Once the project has been launched, at the bottom of the screen, there is a tool named: Media. Click on that option. Drag media file from File Explorer into the Media library. Alternatively, from Edit, you can switch to Media Pool. Right-click on an empty portion and select Import Media. Choose the audio file from there.
  4. Drag the music file from the Media Pool to your project workspace. You can edit the length and volume of your music track.

Solution 2: Using browser options

Online platforms such as AddAudioToVideo offer services to add music without downloading software.

  1. Search for
  2. Upload the video file and music file to the website. This file should be downloaded on your device.
  3. Click on the button to create the video. When for the website to edit and process your video.
  4. Download the end product when it is done.

Solution 3: Using computer pre-loaded applications

For Windows users, you can use the Photos application pre-loaded in your device.

  1. Within File Explorer, look for the video file. Right-click on the video and select Open with.
  2. Select the Photos option.
  3. On the top of the screen, select the tool to edit and create. Then, select Create Video with text from the drop-down menu.
  4. From the music option, you can choose to add music within the Music file in File Explorer.

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