How To Add Lot Traits In Sims 4

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The Sims 4 offers a variety of options to players, and developers are introducing many new items with expansion packs but with patches. Patch 42 brought many traits you can add to your house, apartment, or venue.

For instance, thanks to a trait, the place can have a romantic aura or allow your Sims to learn specific skills faster. If you are wondering how to lot traits in Sims 4, keep reading; we will show you all the steps.

How to add lot traits to Sims 4

Adding traits to the lots in the Sims 4 is pretty simple, even though it may not sound like that. Here are the steps:

  • When you are playing in a household, open Build mode
  • Next, click on the Lot info panel in the top-left corner of the screen

  • Now, choose the traits for your lot
  • To do that, click on “Traits.”

  • The list of traits will open, and you can select the ones you like the most
  • Just click on the trait and it will be added
  • Every lot can have up to 3 traits
  • If some traits are added, you can click on the X, remove it and replace it with another one.

  • Once you are done, go back to Live mode.

There are several things to point out. Certain traits are not available for every lot type. Also, certain traits are locked to specific apartments, and you won’t be able to remove them and replace them with other traits.

You can add traits to any lot you want. Go to the world where the lot is placed, and click on the build mode to open it. Make the desired changes the same way by clicking on the Lot info panel.

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