How to add a link on Snapchat story

As social media apps are growing and developing from day to day, it becomes like a competition in adding more and more options and features to these apps. These days, it is available on Snapchat to add a link to the snaps and have it shared with your story.

There is a Swipe up the option on the story, where the others that are watching it, can click and it will lead them to the page who’s link you added to your story. So, how to add a link on the Snapchat story?

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Procedure to add the link to the story

Now when we all know that link can be added to the story on Snapchat, the only thing missing is the explanation of procedure how to do so. Well, the procedure is quite easy, and, in basic, you need to follow the next steps.

First, open the Snapchat app. You can take a photo using a camera, or a video, and apply any filter you want, put the stickers, text or any other tool that you like. Now, to have a link added to your story, you should look for the icon of a little paper clip on the right side of your device. Click on it. one the screen, there will be shown an option saying Type a URL. You can add it manually if you know the whole link, but what most people do, is using a copy-paste option.

So, click on the top of the screen, where you are about to add a link. Tap and hold a bit longer. The menu will pop out, and you are supposed to find a Paste option. Of course, before pasting the link you should have copied it from your browser or from somewhere else, depending on what are you about to share.

When you have clicked on the Paste option, it should be on your display. The next step is to hit the Go button on the keyboard of your device, so you can have a preview of the page. After that, you will notice the button named Attach the Snap. From here, you will be able to have a link added to your story and also to send it to your friends, if you would like to do so.

There can be shown an option More on the snap, written in small format, so to make sure that everyone sees it, you can draw something on the snap that will point out the added link. People prefer to draw an arrow which signalizes that there is a link that leads to the specific page. The procedure of adding a link to the story on Snapchat is as same as for Android and iOS devices.

So, the link you have added to your snap, will be there and all that viewers have to do is to swipe up and this action will take them on the web page who’s link you have added to your story.

The swipe up option is shown in the lower part of the device’s screen, and users almost always signalize that there is a link added, so the viewers can visit it from there.

Many users on Snapchat use this option. Since it showed up, people use it to point out some web pages, and this is a great way to promote your web page or to let people know about some sales or services you are offering.

It is an easy way to access the sites, especially the rare ones with special goods, and this can also help in profit increasing.

These days, almost every successful company is available on social media with their online shops, so people can easily access them, order stuff, and know when the sale is coming.

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