How to access Steam screenshot folder

One of many cool things about Steam is the fact you can use screenshots. You can use these for various purposes. For instance, you may want to capture the scene in one of your favorite games, but you can also use it to troubleshoot some sort of issue you are having. You took a screenshot, but now you are not so sure how to access Steam screenshot folder? Don’t worry, all the options are listed below.

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How to access Steam screenshot folder: Use Steam Client

The easiest option to access the screenshot folder is by using the Steam Client. Here is how:

  • Open Steam
  • Now click “View” in the menu bar and select Screenshots
  • All the screenshots you have captured will be there, and you will have several options.
  • You can click on “Show on disc” and once you do that, the directory in the computer’s File explorer in which the screenshot was stored will open up.

Use the computer’s file system

If you can’t access Steam for any reason at the moment, you can use the computer’s file system to access the Steam screenshot folder. We are going to list the steps for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • If you are using Windows 8 or 10, go to the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  • For those who are using Mac, go to Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam
  • If you are using Linux, navigate to ~/.local/share/Steam.

If you installed Steam in a different place, find the Steam folder and open “userdata” directory. Now open your user folder and look for the folder “760”. Next, find the folder that is named “remote” and open it. Now, you have to find the game. Keep in mind that every game has its own ID. If you have a variety of games, and you are not sure what’s the ID of the game you are looking for, click on this link. Find the game on the list. Now find the game’s ID in the folder and open it. Finally, open the folder “Screenshots”.