How long do Steam refunds take

If you are using Steam and you purchased a game by accident, or you purchased some game you don’t like, there is an option to get a refund. But when it comes to refunds, Steam has some strict rules and you can’t get a refund at any time for just about anything. So, what are the rules?

The first rule is that you can ask for a refund within two weeks from the moment you purchased something. The second rule is that you played the specific game in under two hours. So, if you played it more or a month went by from the moment you purchased the game, you won’t be eligible for a refund. However, a refund must be approved by Steam.

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To get a refund, head over your Steam library and select the game you want to get a refund for. Click on the Support option, select an issue, and once you click that,  you will see the option “Select a refund”. Click on that. You will have to choose the payment option for a refund. You will wait for Steam to approve the refund.

Now, Steam approved the refund, but many users are wondering how long do Steam refunds take? The approved refunds appear on the Steam account in up to seven business days. Usually, the user won’t have to wait for that long and the refund will appear earlier, but that’s the time span in which the refund will appear for sure. But, keep in mind that for international purchases, it can take more than seven business days.