HBO Max Rebranding To "Max" Causes Billing Breakage For YouTube TV Subscribers

By Elizabeth Kartini
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In a recent rebranding move, HBO Max, which was recently merged with Discovery+ following the Warner Bros and Discovery merger, has transitioned to a new name, "Max." However, this change has led to an unfortunate side effect for users who subscribed to HBO Max through YouTube TV, as the billing functionality appears to be broken.

Multiple users have reported issues with signing into the new Max app after the rebranding when their subscription was managed through YouTube TV. PiunikaWeb, a technology news outlet, has highlighted numerous examples of individuals encountering difficulties with accessing the Max app and streaming content. The problem seems to be widespread, affecting a considerable number of subscribers.

Acknowledging the situation, YouTube has confirmed its awareness of the issue. In a tweet addressing the problem, YouTube TV stated that a fix is currently being developed. However, no specific timeline has been provided regarding when the issue will be resolved, leaving affected users uncertain about when they can expect normal functionality to be restored.

The combination of HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single streaming platform was anticipated to bring about various changes and improvements for subscribers. While the merger offers new opportunities for content and viewing experiences, the unintended disruption in billing via YouTube TV has posed an inconvenience for users. Both HBO Max and YouTube TV are working diligently to rectify the issue and restore seamless access to Max for affected subscribers.

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