How To Free Recover Deleted Files On Mac Without Software

How To Free Recover Deleted Files On Mac Without Software

Losing data on Mac can happen to anybody and there are various scenarios. The most common one – you accidentally deleted the unnecessary files when managing your Mac. You can also lose data when installing malware unintentionally and caused the drive to corrupt. When your Mac crashes and you need to reformat it, the possibility of not finding some or all files after the process is pretty big as well. Whatever the reason is, when it happens, you need a solution. Because your data is precious, let’s focus on how to free recover deleted files on Mac.

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How To Free Recover Deleted Files On Mac Without Software

Retrieve Deleted Files On Mac From Trash folder

When you delete the old emails on Gmail, it’s not completely gone. Those emails stay on the Trash folder which you can retrieve anytime. Unless you have emptied the Trash folder. You might know about this already.

Just like Gmail, if you move a file to the Trash folder of your Mac, you can bring it back to your computer if you feel it was a mistake. Here is how to restore deleted files on Mac from the Trash folder.

  1. Click the trash icon on your Mac to launch the Trash folder. The icon usually lies in the Dock of the Mac screen.
  2. Scroll up or down to find the files you deleted by mistake.
  3. Right-click on the desired file and select Put Back.

Restore Deleted Files On Mac Using Time Machine

Retrieving the files fr the Trash folder back to your Mac is the simplest solution for your current issues and it is free. What if there is nothing on the Trash folder because you have emptied it lately?

If you always scheduled to back up your Mac data using Time Machine, that is so useful. You can recover deleted data on Mac from it. This is why they always suggest to back up data of your device regularly.

  1. Open the app of the deleted file originally placed. For example, you lost a certain file in PDF format which was located in the Document folder. Therefore, open the Documents on your Mac.
  2. Click the Time Machine icon on the menu bar to select Enter Time Machine from the drop-down menu. If you cannot find the icon there, click the Apple menu > System Preferences > Time Machine.
  3. Find your missing file using the arrows and timeline. Once you get it, click the file. Before you recover the deleted file on Mac, you can preview it to make sure it is the right file. To preview the file, press the Space bar
  4. Click Restore to put back the file to its original location on Mac.

How To Restore Deleted Files On Mac From iCloud Backup

Some users prefer to back up their Mac data to iCloud instead of Time Machine. If you are one of those, maybe you can find missing files there.

  1. Visit on your browser and sign in using your Apple ID.
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. Click Restore Files.
  4. Select the files you want to retrieve, then click Restore Files.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Mac With A Free Software

In a different scenario where you had emptied the Trash folder and you don’t have any backup data, there is one more method to try. Using free Mac data recovery software can be your ultimate weapon to retrieve deleted files on. First, download and install Stellar Data Recovery For Mac Free Edition. The software is completely free for up to 1 GB data for one system and it is secure. Though, the paid editions are also available if you have more than 1 GB data to recover.

Step 1 – Launch Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition on your Mac and choose the file type. For example, you lost your PDF file or a nice picture. Toggle the Documents or Photos to On and leave the rest of them to off. Then, click Next.

Step 2 – On the next page, select a Startup disk or Location. To find your deleted files, make sure to turn on the Deep Scan option. Then, click the Scan key on the bottom right of the screen. The software will start scanning your files. If you have been using the Mac for years, there may be hundreds of thousands or even millions of deleted files in it. This means the software needs a longer period of time to finish the scan.

Step 3 – Select the Deleted List option and preview your missing files or photos. Click Recover when you are sure that it is the file you are looking for.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition lets you recover deleted files on Mac up to 1 GB per one system for free. This free edition will retrieve deleted photos, videos, and critical files from the formatted system and any storage media. If your missing data size is more than 1 GB or you wish to recover files from non-booting macOS or lost partition, you need to upgrade it to Professional or Premium editions for  $79.99 or $99.99.