France Bans TikTok, Twitter, Netflix, And Other "Recreational" Apps On Public Servants' Devices

By Elizabeth Kartini
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The French government has banned "recreational" apps, including TikTok, Twitter, Netflix, and even Candy Crush, on public servants' devices, according to Le Monde. The ban aims to address cybersecurity risks that could endanger data for both the employees and the administration, as stated by the office of public service minister Stanislas Guerini.

Although the government has not provided an exact list of banned apps, Guerini noted that certain exceptions might apply for necessary communication purposes. Thus, a social media team may still post content despite the ban. The rule takes effect immediately, and penalties for non-compliance may be decided at the "managerial level," Guerini's office said. Personal devices are not affected by the clampdown.

The move follows similar actions by the US federal government, dozens of states, Canada, the European Commission, and the UK, which have banned TikTok on their workers' devices. Officials in these countries are concerned that the Chinese government may access data about important individuals, spread propaganda, and compel ByteDance (TikTok's parent company) to hand over sensitive information.

TikTok has repeatedly denied any collaboration with the Chinese government. During testimony before a House committee, CEO Shou Chew asserted that ByteDance is "not an agent of China" and that American user data would not be accessible to staff in other countries by the end of a migration project later this year.

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