(FIXED)Session Expired.Please Log In Again.Cookies Are Blocked Or Not Supported by your browser.

Since day I’ve being getting this annoying message “Session expired. Please log in again. You will not move away from this page.” .It’s keep popping up out of the blue. I know this issue is very much popular amongst the WordPress users. While messing around I’ve found few solutions to the problem that seemed to worked for some.


> deactivating Plugins

> Extending WordPress Auto Log out

>Revert to older version of WordPress

>Change WordPress Address URL -Settings- General -then  remove or add “WWW”

>Comment out the  WP-LOGIN  Login in Cookie


None of these worked for me. I have being going crazy . I have contacted my host, some people suggested that it was a web host problem but it wasn’t

One of the frustrating  thing that  came along with the  “Session expired. Please log in again. You will not move away from this page.”


“Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress

If i do attempt to login ,it brings up this error suggesting that i need to enable cookies .Although i cleared and reset my cookies, the problem didn’t avail.

How to fix Session expired.Please log in again.Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser.


I found a fix. This fixed wasn’t available else where on the internet. It took me a lot of time to identify the problem and what was causing it .

What was causing the problem?

The problem was the “SIDEBAR” OR a “<script src=”  outgoing script


Database MySql Table

Let me explain the “<script src=”   . Most time we outsource partnership with other websites and advertising agencies.

If you partner with other people to display ads on your website that uses a script pointing to another websites JavaScript file -.JS . Then you need to remove it. Some great examples are :


>Video ad Players

>Ad units (Asynch tags)

><script type=”text/javascript”



This video player here is a javascript oriented. It’s hosted an other website, but a java script tag code was placed on the website in an “inframe” manner.

In this case, it was on the sidebar, immediately removing this from the sidebar solved the problem.

Database MySql Table


>Login to your MySql Database of your Web Host.



>Check all tables

>Check Tables


There will be  a few errors at the button, in my case there was the plugin -Woocommerce was causing the problem. I uninstalled it, Because i had no used for it


>Check all

>Click on Repair Tables, not Check table


You can try to remove all the attributes that are placed on your Website sidebar to see what’s really causing the problem.




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  1. I was on Facebook and I got a this session has expired, I hit the OK and lost all of my Facebook contacts. Don’t know what to do! Please help! Thank you!

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