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How To Fix Wifi Dropping Problem On Sony Xperia Z

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Sony was the first company to bring a waterproof and fashionable smartphone, Sony Xperia Z. This smartphone is powered by 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and 1080p display. Many smartphone lovers adopted this phone because of its stylish look and amazing features.

But the problem is that most of its users are facing some issues with their smartphones. One of the most common issues is wi-fi dropping problem on Sony Xperia Z. On Forums, many users have complained about weak wi-fi signal; some have complained about trouble to connect to a specific router, and some have complained about wi-fi dropping frequently. We have prepared a few useful solutions to this issue, so continue reading this article to solve the Wi-fi Dropping Problem On Sony Xperia Z.

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How To Fix Wifi Dropping Problem On Sony Xperia Z


There are various reasons for this issue. Sometimes you may face wi-fi dropping problem on Sony Xperia Z when you turn on wi-fi and Bluetooth at the same time. There is also a chance that power-saving stamina mode may impact the wi-fi because it cuts connection and stops syncing when you turn off the display. So, whatever is the reason, you can always fix up the issue by knowing the reasons correctly.


Potential solutions for wi-fi dropping problem on Sony Xperia Z

First of all, make sure that you have turned the Bluetooth off when connecting to wi-fi. Also, turn off the Stamina mode. You can check if it is off by going to Settings > Power management > Stamina mode.


1. After checking the previous two, restart your phone and the router.

2. Check properly that you have provided the right details and password.

3. Make sure that you have the latest firmware. For your router, you need to check the website of the manufacturer and for your phone, this should come as an OTA update.

4. Try to change the channel of your router and ensure that DHCP is on.

Go to your modem back office. type this in the URL

  • Linksyshttp://
  • 3Comhttp://
  • D-Linkhttp://
  • Belkinhttp://
  • Netgearhttp://

5. Turn off the MAC filter on your router and add your phone’s MAC address.

6. Try Sony’s PC software. Install the software on your PC and then go to Support zone, then Start > Phone Software Update > Start.

If these methods did not work for you, use this method: 90% of users found this method helpful that fixes WiFi issues on the Sony Xperia.

But if you already have the latest version, then choose Repair Phone option and follow the given instruction.

7. Also, ensure you are within the good coverage range. In case you notice just one or two bars, it indicates inconsistency in the transmission which causes the signal to drop very frequently. So, you need to move a bit closer to the hotspot to check if the problem is solved.

8. In case you are using a protective case, it is suggested to remove it and check if it brings any differences. The reason is, protective case is always good for the wellbeing of your handset but what happens is it can interfere with the signal sometimes and thus gives rise to these kinds of issues.

9. Another thing that you can try is to make the Wi-Fi sleep policy to be set to “Always”. By default, the Wi-Fi connection on Android Smartphone is disconnected as the phone goes to sleep which extends the battery life. But you can make changes in the Wi-Fi settings by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu> Advanced and tap on the option ‘keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’. Now select the required option.

10. Once you are done with all the mentioned steps here but still in the same situation, factory reset is the final workaround that you can try. To do so, just head towards Settings > Back up & Reset > Factory data reset and it will erase everything from the device. So, create a backup first before going ahead with this step.

These are the possible fixes, try them one by one and you will get rid of the issue soon.

  1. changing the channel on the router to something in the middle like 6,7,8 fixed it for me on xperia xa2 but maybe you’ll need to use higher or lower channels

  2. I have to restart my phone a dozen times a day, no other device or phone in house has issue. If it wasn’t such an ordeal to back up files (doesnt carry over years of stored data correctly) I would factory reset the phone. This has put me off Sony Experias in all honesty..

  3. Sony XF1
    Terrible, terrible connectivity
    Wifi shows authentication error very frequently
    Even Bluetooth is poor
    a reset fixes it. I dont want to be reseting my phone during the day
    selling my phone at the first opportunity. Will never buy a sony phone again

  4. Same problems here. Bought an XA1 PLUS 2 mo ths ago and it’s a rubbish phone. It can never connect to 4g, drops the wifi signal every 30 min or simply can’t connect at all and the fingerprint scanner not only stopped working after 2 weeks… It simply dissapeared from my phone all together. Contacted Sony support and got 0 help. The only thing they could tell me was to do a factory reset. I had already done that and every single problem mentioned above keeps persisting. My first and last Xperia ever. Worst phone I have ever owned.

  5. I had the z-3 and It worked fine till I dropped it cpl of times. no visible damage outside but after that mymobile Data charges went thru the roof, I got extra bill from carrier. I could not figure out why since I use my phone mostly in Wifi area at home and my regular routine of use had not changed. I believe the dropping of the phone loosened something inside.
    I now have xperia x performance and it has worked as expected for 10 months ( I find it more durable then z3 )I accidentally dropped it cpl of weeks ago on hard floor and history repeats itself,no damage on outside looks brand new but data signal for wifi is intermittent even though i’m sitting beside the router now. And my data charges for mobility have sharply increased.

  6. What about the possibility Sony just f*d up and installed a wifi shell that is simply not doing its job? I tried everything Sony suggests, and some more things (like your list), but only my xperia (an M5) does not give a stable connection to whatever router, never. And the worst thing is that they do not respond to feedback. At all.
    Erring is human, persisting is devilish.

  7. I don’t think the problem is with my router.
    My Huawei tablet, samsung, ipad has no problem connecting on the wifi and yet my z1 keeps dropping. It’s really annoying!

  8. Me too since the software update before the latest. No change with latest update either. Used all my data in first few days last month as didn’t notice I wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi!

  9. My Z5 Premium does not pick up my saved WiFi either at work or at home or at the underground stations. What I have to do is to restart the phone and THEN my saved WiFi gets picked up and connected when I am near the router. Sony just get this fixed and stop trying to blame anyone else for this failure apart from your phone. The workaround I read so far are just rubbish. Just get it fixed. Otherwise, my next phone will NOT be SONY !

  10. I don’t think the problem is with my router.
    My Huawei tablet, samsung, ipad has no problem connecting on the wifi and yet my z1 keeps dropping. It’s really annoying!

    1. Have you tried the method 6, 7, 8 and 9. If these methods also do not work then I would suggest you to go for a factory reset.

      1. I have no problem when I’m just 5-10 ft away from the router. The problem lies when I’m in my room with doors open. I’ll just use my laptop (no problem connecting, even with doors closed) while I’m in my room, I won’t risk losing my game’s progress with factory reset.

        I’ve done 7 and 9. I have no protective case as I can’t find any Sony case here.

  11. I had similar problem, my phone had a little problem with authentication and regular disconnecting from wifi. I tried many things like hard reset, software update, router software update etc. even I came back from Marshmallow to Lollipop for a while, but nothing helped me. The solution turned out to be channel in my router. I changed it to 3 after that to 13 – but my phone works only with default channels like 6 or 8. After change my wifi get back to life and now work perfectly. Try it in your case 🙂

    Channel – This field determines which operating frequency will be used. It is not necessary to change the wireless channel unless you notice interference problems with another nearby access point.

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