How To Fix Unknown Baseband And No Imei On Galaxy Note 3

Bad IMEI or Null Imei is a very common problem for the Samsung Galaxy devices and Galaxy Note 3 is no exception of it. Many users reported about encountering wrong or null Imei On Galaxy Note 3. This problem normally occurs when the users flash the wrong custom ROM or firmware and the Imei folder gets corrupted.

The Imei folder means a lot for the smart phones and is responsible for almost all connectivity such as sending messages, making phone calls, etc. So if the Imei gets corrupted, all these things such as phone call, sending message get hampered as the phone does not recognize the SIM card.

Imei On Galaxy Note 3

Imei On Galaxy Note 3

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Imei is the most important thing of a smart phone. So it is always recommended to back up the Imei folder whenever you flash a custom ROM. Because it hampers the main purpose of a phone, which is making phone calls.

If you cannot make phone calls, you can check if there is wrong or null Imei On Galaxy Note 3 going to Setting > About Device > and then check Baseband version and IMEI number. If you see both of the options are unknown, then the imei folder is corrupted. If not, then reboot your Galaxy Note 3, it should then work fine.

Steps To Fix Unknown Baseband And No Imei On Galaxy Note 3

Flash different custom ROMs

Many custom ROMs are having the ability to back up the Imei folder automatically. So if you are facing unknown or null Imei On Galaxy Note 3, then download and flash another ROM. The new ROM will install the saved Imei folder and replace it with the bad one. But before installing the new custom ROM, wipe data and conduct a factory reset.

Flash different modems

Sometimes bad or null Imei On Galaxy Note 3 occurs not because of Imei folder. The modem also may be the reason of unknown baseband. So in order to fix it you need to download and install different modems and flash them one by one until the problem is solved.


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