How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Slow Charging Issue

Is your Samsung S8 charging slowly? Galaxy S8 slow charge can be as a result of battery drainage and running applications. This issue should not be problematic once you make certain adjustments such as closing open applications. It could be a phone problem or the charger itself is not good. This article will share some useful solutions. We are going to show you how to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 slow charging problems.

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Guide: How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 slow charging problem


Check your USB cable

Before attempting any of the solutions below you need to check the USB cable. Ensure that the cable is clean. You can perform a test on another phone and try to find out if the charger is the problem. If the particular charger charges another phone fine then the issue is not with the charger. If not then try to clean the charger with a pin or replace it.


Restart your device in safe mode

Restart your device in safe mode. This will help you to determine if a third party application is causing the problem. If your phone charges at a normal pace then a third party application is causing the problem. Please follow the steps below in order to charge a device in safe mode.

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key past the model name screen.
  3. Wait until “SAMSUNG” appears on the screen, release the Power key.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key.
  5. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finished restarting.
  6. The safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  7. Release the Volume down key when you see Safe Mode.

Uninstall third party apps

Removing third-party applications can help your phone to charge and function normally. If you have recently installed any application prior to this problem then uninstall the app. Your device will charge at a normal pace once applications that are disrupting your device are removed.

Steps to uninstall apps:

  • Go to Menu
  • select Settings
  • Tap on More
  • Click on Application Manager
  • Select Downloaded section
  • Then select the app and tap uninstall

Close background application

Closing background applications can help you fix Samsung Galaxy S8 slow charging issues. Open applications can slow down the charging process. It is best to charge your phone when you are not using it.

  1. You can bring up the background apps by clicking and holding the home button and then releasing it when you see the recently used apps screen
  2. Click on “End all applications” in the task manager section
  3. Click on the “RAM” option at the top of your screen.

Dump of system

System dump is another thing that can help to resolve slow charging issues. It is a simple solution that is worth a try. To perform this step follow the below steps.

  1. Click on “Dialer”
  2. Type in (*#9900#)
  3. Choose “Low Battery Dump” on the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose “Turn On”.

Master Reset

Getting rid of cached data is a perfect solution to slow charging. You can do this by performing a master reset. Ensure that you save important data and information you need before performing this step.

  1. Click on the Setting app
  2. Choose Accounts
  3. Click on “Back Up and Reset”
  4. You may need to unlock your screen to this one but select “Reset device”
  5. Once there, click on “Delete all”

Wrapping up

The above solutions are useful if your Samsung Galaxy S8 is charging slowly. Hopefully, all the solutions above did restore your device. If not then you can leave a comment below and further instructions will be given to you.

  1. Cant resolve s8 plus fast charging issue
    Ihave try all the steps but my phone can not charge fast …

    The problem is i will connect my s8 plus to charger show fast charging then after some seconds they show cable charhing

  2. Hola mi note 4 le e cambiado 2 cargadores y me sale carga por USB. E buscado y no se aun como arreglar el problema espero me ayuden

  3. my s8plus stops charging after a while. i have to turn off the switch and turn it on again to make it work. this is so frustrating as it doesnt charges to 100%. sometimes stops at 40, sometimes at 70. stops at least three to four times before reaching 100%, what should i do?
    i tried the safe mode and deleted few apps and then it started to work fine again but after a week again its showing the exact same problem and i have not downloaded any new app, so what should i do?

  4. I am facing the issue of fast charging with my galaxy s8+…when i plugged the charger its start fast charging and after 3 to 4 seceond the secren turn on and then show the notification on only “Charging”……and don’t start fast charging again……plz help me

  5. Hello, I am using galaxy s8 plus and it’s showing Cable Charging even when I am using the original charger which i had received with the phone. Any solution to it ?

    1. Thank you so much. I tried multiple formulas and went to few mobile stores but had the same issue. I tried it clean through pin and it is working now. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated..

    2. Danke danke danke!
      Ich war schon völlig verzweifelt und dachte, irgendwas an der Hardware sei beschädigt – auch bei meinem Gerät saß der Anschluss (von außen nicht sichtbar!) völlig mit Staub und Fusseln zu. Jetzt läufts wieder 🙂

  6. Did the start in safe mode bit. It worked fine in safe mode. so then restarted it again and Slow Charging appeared. Uninstalled 1 app, no change. Uninstalled some IPTV app, that did not want to be uninstalled, it froze my phone. shut down phone and restarted it and the app has gone and my phone is charging normal again.
    Brilliant and thanks for the tips.

  7. My phone wouldnt fast charge with original wireless charging kit and its original cable. It does fast charge when i use a non-original cable i bought online, a 3-in-1 cable. Surprisingly!!

    I had the same problem like u guys with a Samsung S8 after 1 and a half year I bought it. The problem is the dust. Clean with a brush the phone port. Maybe if u feel confident use isopropyl alcohol but not too much . And be gentile not to break something . C ya . Works 100%

  9. My fix was to simply quickly and forcefully blow into both the cable end and the phone port. The amount of dust and build up is astounding.

  10. When I connect the charger it shows fast charging but when I locked my phone ,after few seconds it converts automatically to cable charging ?

  11. My S8 suddenly charged slow…13hrs to full battery even after I followed suggestions above and performed factor reset.

    I assume I need a new cell?

  12. My s8+ had this same issue tried everything on this list but went back and tried cleaning charging port with wooden toothpick and got so much crap (dust) out. Thin flat toothpick worked. back to fast charging.

    1. Thany you for that. I just used a cocktail stick and lo and behold loads of crap came out. Fast charging again. Happy days 🙂

  13. So as stated previously it treks me I’m fast charging when first plugged in the says normal charging later. This is fine but once in safe mode it fast charges. Thinking of factory resetting. Also at times I’ll lose all signal and when I try to toggle my data on since it turns off when I lose signal all of a sudden I get a message saying insert sim card. I’m on sprint do i have a sim card? Also all these issues started after newest update in late october/early November.

  14. My s8 plus was doing the same
    Saw a video on fixing it
    In box that phone came in there are 2 adapters
    Use the adapter that has a usb.c on one end and the other end has a micro c
    Plug a cable with micro c end into adapter and plug adapter into phone charging port
    Worked for me

  15. so my s8+ is still slow charging like 6 hours to charge from 30 percent battery. it says device slow charging please use charger that came with the phone. I am using original charger and it also does this on the wireless charger.

    1. The only solution to your problem (as I’ve had this too) is to turn the phone OFF and charge it that way. Turning the phone off was my solution to fast charging and it worked.

    2. My s8 plus was doing the same
      Saw a video on fixing it
      In box that phone came in there are 2 adapters
      Use the adapter that has a usb.c on one end and the other end has a micro c
      Plug a cable with micro c end into adapter and plug adapter into phone charging port
      Worked for me

  16. Hi I was wondering if any can help me please
    When I plugged in my S8 plus in charge (original cable And wall charger), for the first 3 or 5 Seconds it displays “Fast charging” then it plays the plugged in tune and the graphics (like I have physically removed and replugged the changing cable) and displays “Cable Chargeing”… I have tried almost everything that I can think of e.g. removing installed apps, restarting in safe mode, changing cable and charger, etc.

    1. i had the same issue with my note5. I now have an s8+ and am having a similar issue. After talking to my local dealer i found out that if the charging port is used with any cable other than the one it came with, if a non samsung cable is plugged into your phone, or any non samsung way of charging your phone is used then this will affect charging and ultimately cause glitches on your phone. Basically, you and only you can use your charger, wall and cable, and it is also the only charger you can use on your phone. unless of course another samsung charger AND wall port are used. I tested this by accident when my boyfriend used a non samsung cable with my samsung wall port to charge a non samsung device. i have had no issues charging my phone until this happened and now my less than 4 month old samsung s8+ wall port will no longer fast charge. I’m not sure if this is purposeful on samsung’s part but its a very tricky way of doing things. I used after market cables and ports constantly with my note5. Eventually it stopped charging and kept telling me i was removing an re inserting the charging cable when i wasn’t. I took it to be diagnosed and they told me they have no clue what the issue is but they have seen similar results from those that use after market charging devices. Hope this helps!

    2. had the same problem.
      I have gone thru 3 phones all with same charging problem.
      This should not exist for something which costs so much $. Nothing has been changed in term of usage and then all of the sudden the phone just stopped charging. In addition, on my third phone S8, this morning, it started shutting off by itself.

      I’ve gone to the repair center, UbreakIfix, this morning. The tech advised they were unable to fix because of the hardware issues. This was the same problem and answer as the initial encounter.

      Warning!!!! Although I am no Apple fan, go with an IPhone.

  17. I bought my s8 to the samsung warranty and they changed the motherboard for me and its the fourth day since i got my phone from the service centre and now the problem is coming out again.. i think im going to sell this phone and bought a note8 instead

  18. I’m having the opposite results. I bought a cable for my car that is longer that is working but not the original one from the box.

  19. Note that the length of the cable also affects the charging speed.

    Using S8’s original charger, with a 10ft cable, the phone charges normally (no fast charge)
    Using S8’s original charger, with a 6ft cable, the phone fast charges .

    1. I’m having the opposite results. I bought a cable for my car that is longer that is working but not the original one from the box.

    2. That is not even remotely true. The length of a cable has ZERO impact in regards to electricity. If we were speaking in terms of data or A/V signal and a cable over, say, 20 feet, that would begin to have an impact.

      1. Not true Wilson. It absolutely does have issues with longer cables. 3M is about the length.. after that it looses effective. Apple cables are all set to a specific length for a reason. Same for Samsung. The longer cables are hit and miss.

  20. Same thing happened to me, my husband and my daughter’s phones. I took the cable out of the new adapters that came with the phone. Then i pligged them into the old s7 fast charging adapters. Now our phones are rapid charging just fine.
    Just to make sure i took the cables out of the old white adapters and put them back into the new black adapters. Guess what? Wouldn’t rapid charge.
    Took the cables out and put back into rhe old white s7 rapid chargers. The phones would rapid charge again.
    Seems like the new s8 rapid charge adapters are faulty.

  21. I was going crazy doing all these tips and non of them worked. But I did notice that my charger looked a bit weird, the metal part that goes inside the cell was a bit bent, so I straightened it out and now it’s charging fast. Hope that helps those who have tried everything.

    1. The problem,at least in my case, was a faulty adapter. My original charger stopped fast charging. I took the cable and put it into one of my old fast charging adapters left over from when i had a galaxy s7. Now it fast charges perfectly.
      The next week my husband’s charger mysteriously stopped fast charging too. Then my daughter’s one. Did the same thing for them and the phones rapid charges fine.
      Seems to me there are faulty adapters out there.

  22. For my S8+ the “cleaning out and debris on the I/O contacts” issue solved my problem. All that lint in your pockets gets caked onto the contacts and creates a poor connection. I Blew out the lint/dust on the phones USB-C input and cable with compressed air. Charging went from 6.5 hours to 1.3 hours on a completely drained battery. If that doesn’t work try buying a new USB-C cable and/or carefully cleaning the cable & phones USB-C contacts with a 90% Isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning the contacts with Isopropyl alcohol could be a challenge because of the tight space. I’d use a small, stiff bristled artist paint brush to get in there, something like a size 4 or 6 Bright brush from Dick Blick or any other art/crafting store.

  23. I think we need to take this piece of crap back to samsung or sprint. Non of these tips work. I missed a very important call due to this piece of $%@<= of cell. WE DEMAND A REFUND ON THESE BS DEVICE. NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW, S8 REALLY SCREWED UP THIS TIME.

  24. These “solutions” don’t seem like legit fixes to me. I have to uninstall apps, or stop using apps, to get my phone to charge fast? No. The two should work fine together. It should also fast charge if I am using it while plugged in. Like in the car using GPS, or streaming music. I can only use it or charge it at any given time, not both? No. That is not what people pay several hundred dollars for the newest phone. Samsung has dropped the ball here, big time.

    1. I do agree with that. We offer people suggestions, it’s up to you will you use them or not. You can always complain to Samsung, ask for a replacement, etc. But we can’t provide some magical solution.

  25. thank you. worked for me and i used a toothpick and just scraped on the outside of the inside and hooked it up and it was fast charging.

  26. THE ANSWER!!!!!

    My s8 plus was playing up for about a week not charging quick and losing charge really quick.

    What I did was switch the phone off. Get a bright torch and have a look at the connector on the bottom of the phone. Then get a soft object that will fit in the bottom charging port of the phone on ether side of the connector and make a scooping action and see the amount of dust and dirt that comes out just from sitting in your pocket. Now that I got 100% of it all out now my charger goes flush with the bottom of the phone and charges really quick!

    1. thank you. worked for me and i used a toothpick and just scraped on the outside of the inside and hooked it up and it was fast charging.

    2. Yes, this worked!!! I actually saw dust come out!! Samsung should have a port cover thast you release when charging!! Thank you! 🙂

  27. Got Samsung s8 a month ago. All off a sudden it stopped fast charging when its connected to fast charger. Tried all instructions on google, still no luck. Please advice.

    1. There is not much you can do on your own. We listed the solutions, so my suggestion would be to take it to the store where you purchased it. If it is faulty, you may get a replacement.

    2. Try switching to a different samsung fast charger adapter. Me, my husband and daughter have brand new s8 and s8 plus phones. This worked for us.

  28. After receiving update in July, I can no longer get quick charge to work — it’s always slow charge or normal charge. Disappointing — I’ve had so many problems with this S8, I’m actually considering a move to Apple. Samsung can’t get their shit together.

  29. From the day I purchased the Samsung 8 it as done this off and on. After the latest software update, slow charges the norm.

  30. I am sick of this. I paid a butt load of money on this dam thing and it takes 23 hours to fully charge. Never in my life have i seen anything charge so slowly. WTF!! I am beyond pissed. The 8 Plus is nothing but a big piece of crap!!!

  31. Or, maybe Samsung could support Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 on their new flagship phone.. since it has the 835 CPU. But it only has support for QC 2.0 . lazy.

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