How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue

If you are having trouble to connect your Galaxy S5 to your pc through a USB cable, you need to know How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue

Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue

> You need to look at your USB cable in order to ensure that it’s what your phone was supplied with.

> You should then eliminate the accessories that are not for Samsung but are installed in your device. These are usually third party accessories, which may be a blockage to your phone access to the USB port. This causes insecure connection for both the phone and the computer.

> You can then attempt to bypass the available docks or even the hubs. Alternatively, you can connect your cable to your computer directly.

> You should inspect your phone well as well as your USB ports to ensure that they are not having any physical damage or even some liquid in them. If by bad chance, you find out that the ports are damaged or your phone is containing some fluid, then that would the most possible cause of your connection problem.

> If by any chance you have already installed or even if you are already running any type of antivirus software or even a firewall running on your PC, you need to attempt to temporarily disable it. This is simply because some of the firewalls tend to block a phone from being connected to the PC. It also makes your PC to look as if it cannot recognize the phone that is connected to it through the USB cable.

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You should then attempt some of the recommended procedures listed below on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue.

> Let your USB cable be disconnected from your Galaxy S5 and your PC too.

> You should then restart your phone together with your PC.

> You can then attempt to get your phone connected to your PC directly. You can alternatively attempt to get your phone connected to the computer through a different port. This will help you determine the malfunctioned USB port.

Follow these steps on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue and solve your problem.

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