How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Macro Focus Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S5, which is full of innovative features, attracts the users because of its camera also. The camera of Galaxy S5 is 16 MP, which can capture very clear, bright and high-quality pictures. Besides other features, the camera itself is packed with many options, including macro shot using which the users can take a focused shot of a subject from a very close range. This feature is very helpful for those who love to take close shots of flowers, insects, and any other subject you are interested in.

The macro shot is a perfect feature that Samsung has added in its Galaxy S5 for the photography hobbyists. But this feature is turned off by default so, in order to use it, you have to turn it on. It may also be that your Samsung Galaxy does not focus properly, which make it difficult for you to take close-up moments.

Many of you may think that it’s a Samsung Galaxy S5 Macro Focus Problem or the camera is faulty, but the real cause is a simple misconfiguration that can be fixed following some simple steps.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Macro Focus Problem

Samsung Galaxy S5 Macro Focus Problem

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Steps To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Macro Focus Problem

To check if this is the case:

  • Open the camera app on your Galaxy S5
  • Touch the gear icon which is located at the top in order to access the Settings
  • Find Selective Focus and disable this option
  • This option is responsible for this Samsung Galaxy S5 Macro Focus Problem and does not allow the camera to focus sharply when capturing a close shot

Follow these steps and you are done.

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