How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Headphone Issue

Samsung Galaxy S5 Headphone Issue
Samsung Galaxy S5 Headphone Issue

Galaxy S5 is now one of the most popular smartphones, and a lot of people have been buying it. And why not? It’s packed with tons of awesome features that one can expect from a high-quality smartphone. But can you name a single smartphone that is problems free? Probably not. 

Recently, some users have complained about the Samsung Galaxy S5 headphone issue at the forums. They are facing headphone jack’s problem, though they can connect it to their phone, but no sound comes.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Headphone Issue
Samsung Galaxy S5 Headphone Issue

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Steps To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Headphone Issue

There could be several reasons behind this problem, so you should check all one by one until the problem gets solved. Let’s see the potential solutions. 

Step 1:

Make sure you push the jack hard because nowadays most of the phones are quite snug and may not let the headphones all the way. So you need to push them properly.

Step 2:

After connecting the headphone properly if the issue isn’t solved, check if the phone is muted. To check that go to Volume settings, and if you see a speaker icon displaying there with a line on it, then the volume is muted for the headphone. Increase the volume.

Step 3:

Some obstructions at the headphone port may cause the problem as the port is always opened and exposed to dirt. Therefore, check the port and blow into it or you can also use compressed air if anything is stuck there, to clean dirt and dust. 

Step 4:

Restart your device. As you know, tons of issues can be solved by a simple restart and they just disappear once the phone is turned on again.

Step 5:

The issues with headphones can be software-related so you should update the software if a new version is available. To do that, go to Settings > About device > Software Update.

Step 6:

If all these above-mentioned steps fail to solve the issue, you should check is the headphone and headphone port. If the port or headphone is broken, you will have to replace it.

Step 7:

If nothing works, try a factory data reset, but first, backup your data because this will erase everything and will reset your device to factory defaults. Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset and tap Reset device. You may be asked for a PIN or password, so enter it, tap continue and tap Delete all.

  1. My previous post was to harsh, i meant no ill will to the author as trying to help others is always good i was just put off by the title which implied it was about the headphone issue not headphone issues in general.

  2. I looked at the article and im really at a loss how exactly does softwear updates and factory resets solve a hardware problem? I could update softwear and settings all day long and its not going to do a damn thing to keep the plug seated in the jack so how is this a fix for the S5 headphone issue?
    Also the one physical solution of push harder does nothing if I pushed any harder id break my thumb or case.

  3. Thank you! The “push in all the way” tip did the trick! Yay! Could NOT figure out what was wrong! So simple — thanks a million. 🙂

  4. Problem with static at headphone jack. Used a trimmed down Qtip and some Isopropyl alcohol to clean headphone jack in phone. As you have said the jack is exposed to the elements. Wet the trimmed down Qtip with alcohol and twist the end. Carefully twist the Qtip into the jack in the same direction. Let dry.
    Worked great for me. Good luck.
    Thanks for the instruction on replacing the jack.

  5. Hi I also faced problem initially trying to fit the headphonend not even jack.Felt loose and not connecting at all. Had almost given up hope. Then while fiddling suddenly heard and felt a click sound. When I checked the headphone had snugly fit in to jackpot and it’s working wonderfully. So try fixing well.

  6. i,ve been facing problem on my galaxy note 5, ear phone jack is not working unless you dial a number and insert the jack. thats the only way it is working and then the sound output is low quality. please help as i=my phone has ran out of warranty 🙁

  7. I have different issues with my s5, for example, my headphones will shock me inside my ear or on my hand when I touch the button pad. I also have an issue with phone calls through the headphones. It tends to be muffled or cut out when I’m using. I have tried using two different sets of headphones (both came with Samsung phones), but to no avail that’s why I’m looking this up, but I can’t find any similar stories.

  8. The problem is that the plugs are not going the whole way into the jack like they should, and so are not connecting.

    The solution is to:

    “Make sure you push the jack hard because nowadays most of the phones are quite snug and may not let the headphones all the way. So you need to push them properly.”

    The word “properly” does not begin to describe this. I literally had to take the phone out of the case, brace it on my desk while holding in one hand, and add some body weight along with my full arm strength to the push it took with the other hand to force that plug into the jack. Think “I’m trying to break this phone” type of force. The plug then snapped in the whole way as it is supposed to do. Now, it takes a good amount of push to plug the headset in, but nothing like it took for that first time. Guess you need to pop this phone’s cherry, lol

  9. hello i have another issue or what…!! I don’t know but when i plug in the headphone i see anything appear on my screen sometime it disconect by itself PLease help me how to solve this problem !!!

  10. My problem is something different from all others. When I play the song with music player or you tube headphones doesn’t work. N when I use radio it works . Is it a virus problem or something internal settings?

  11. I’ve been having issue with the earphone icon showing on the screen even though the earphone is not connected.

    I’ve tried all the suggestions found on the Web with no luck. Eureka! Success at last … I charged my mobile in the lounge under the sun – where you connect your earphone facing the sun – all of a sudden the icon is no longer showing on the screen of my mobile!

    So glad that icon is GONE ?

  12. The bigger issue is plugging in headphones and still getting notifications and other bullsh#T sounds through the speaker!.. there is no fix for this other than some janky 3rd party app.. So stupid! Don’t make me go back to iphone please.

  13. Samsung obviously makes an extremely piss poor hardware choice on the auxiliary (headphone) jack. I’ve had my phone less than a month and have had it replaced from at&t because of the issue and now it’s doing the exact same thing. Nearly $700 and the thing doesn’t last 2 weeks

  14. I solved my issue. I needed to put pressure on the back for it to work. Sounds weird but I broke a tiny twig, stuck it under the port and put the back on. The constant pressure fixed the issue. Thought I would pay for any others experiencing the same frustrations as me. Hope this helps.

  15. I’ve got a different kind of headphone problem. My GS5 says that it has detected a pair of headphones, but there are none connected. Now I can’t use the speaker of the phone because it thinks that there is a pair of headphones connected. I really hope someone can help me, I would really appreciate it.

      1. So Samsung made the phone… so because this is ONLY happening to Samsung phone, Android is garbage? Why do you fucking ifaggot think that Android=Samsung? Tell me; do you from the bottom of your heart think Samsung create Android?

        1. Samsungs IS Garbage! Answer this.. how the do you ensure all sounds go through head phones when plugged in? example. I increase volume on my phone.. does the sound indicator go through the head phones or via handset itself?

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