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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Corrupted MicroSD Card

It seems the same problem exists in Samsung S5 as well with the MicroSD card. I heard the same issue from many of my users, and even they lose some of their best photos due to Samsung Galaxy S5 Corrupted MicroSD Card. One of them is having 64 GB SanDisk MicroSD card, and he usually uses that to save the music and photos. Although it seems to be no problem with the apps stored on the external memory.

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Corrupted MicroSD Card


I found some ways to troubleshoot the Samsung Galaxy S5 corrupted MicroSD card, and I will share them here so that those who have the same problem can fix it. 

The first thing is to check the phone temperature when you are continuously facing this issue. The SanDisk MicroSD cannot work correctly if the phone reached its optimum temperature. In this case, I saw after shutting down the camera app ( going to settings > Application > All > Camera-Force Stop), the phone temperature reduced, and it was normal. You can monitor the phone temperature from by using the TempMonitor app

Keep in mind if you remove the MicroSD when it is in some operation, it can cause the MicroSD card to be corrupted. Actually, in such a case operating system creates bad sector or unreadable section on the MicroSD. If that happens, you can check the MicroSD from your computer‘s command prompt. But you should have the MicroSD card reader for that. After your computer detects the card,

  • Go to the start menu at the bottom left corner of your computer and press on the search bar.
  • Type the word ‘cmd’ there and press enter.
  • It will bring a list of programs under which you will notice an option cmd.exe.
  • Right click on that and select ‘Run as administrator’ to open the command windows.
  • Type here chkdsk G: /f      , In this case, G is the memory card drive letter. Next press enter.

The process takes some time in case the amount of corruption is more or else the size of the memory card is high. And then you will receive a report of the data being fixed or retrieved.

Anyway, I was not able to detect any bad sector on the MicroSD, and I suggest you call SanDisk call center if you identify bad sector for a replacement.

I am using a Samsung MicroSD card and never faced this kind of problem with my phone. So, as there is no such permanent solution, I will suggest buying Samsung MicroSD. 


  1. I have a 32G samsung micro SD card in my galaxy s5. I backed up all of my pictures to it and it worked fine for several months. However, I noticed the other day that all of my SD pictures are missing and it says I need to format my SD card! It also says if I do that, then I will lose all data on the SD card. I really do not want all of my pictures to be deleted. When I tried to plug the SD card via an adapter in my computer, it said my computer could not read the card.
    HELP! I have years worth of pictures on there and will be devastated if they cannot be recovered.

    1. I think the data sector of the SD card is corrupted. I am afraid you will lose the data. But before formatting can you check couple of things-
      1) Can you try using the same SD card on another phone and check
      2) Can you try reading the SD card using a SD card reader. In this way you can make sure that this problem is related to hardware ports or internal memory space.

  2. i ungently need your help.My samsung s5 phone fell and no harm was noticed on the phone but it refused to switch on, except the white blink.kindly advise on what needs to be done.Thanks

    1. Seems its a hardware problem. Please take out the battery, reinsert it and try to switch on. If the phone refuses to turn on, then contact your nearest service station. If your phone is under warranty, you should get one replacement.

  3. Don’t buy SanDisk! SanDisk made bad 32GB and 64GB micro SD cards for a year and a half and would not admit to it until the press confronted them! They will not give Serial Numbers of the suspect lots. They will only replace your card if it FAILS within the first year and you still have the receipt! These cards will fail in Samsung devices without any notice. When they fail you lose everything, and the card can’t be recognized!
    Buy Samsung cards for Samsung products. Buy anything but SanDisk!

  4. Hey, Just figured this out today.
    I inspected the formats of two different SD cards.
    64GB – ExFat
    2GB – Fat
    After formatting the 64 into Fat, the files which I transferred from the phone memory to the SD card were normal and not affected by corrupt files.
    If you’re formatting, just make sure to backup any files on the SD card prior to formatting.
    Have a good one.

  5. i put a samsung memory card in s5 transfered over 500 photos they have now dissapeared memory card is saying blank when u put it in the laptop it is saying cannot read have to be formatted so can anyone help or have i lost everything

  6. I have exactly the same problem. With my old S4 and the same memory card I never face up this kind of problem. I think it’s a bug link to the lolipop version

  7. I just left yet another birthday party and I have almost NOTHING saved on the card. I am experiencing that SAME EXACT thing. I have a SAMSUNG 64G SDXC card. Why is going on?? I take the picture I see it in the mini video and when I go back to actually view the file, it is NOT there. Does anyone have any information?

  8. Hello I am currently experiencing a problem. I moved pics from camera folder on device to sd card. I finished moving the pics. Then I was prompt to do a phone update so I did. Then when it was all done I tried to view a pic to post on instagram but I was unable to view it only showed an icon and none of the pics from camera where there except 7 or 8. How can I fix this, please I really need these pics not only for instagram but I have a legal case that needs some pics from there please help me. These are the screen shots i put to show what I’m seeing. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5.

  9. One more thing I forgot to mention. I found that you should unmount the card, and use a diskette attachment or USB attachment for the card (you plug into the USB or SD Card slot on the computer) and copy files (music, videos, etc) from the computer to the card. Going through a USB cable into the phone saving to the card creates directory issues and the heating issue you described above.

  10. I had issues with 3 cards with the gray box for pictures and music missing, videos not being stored (including an actual Samsung 64 gb card!). I bought a

    Model #: SDSDQUA-064G-U46A

    Highest Full HD video recording performance
    available with class 10 rating
    2x the speed of typical microSD cards for
    advanced photo capture
    Faster app performance with transfer speeds up
    to 30MB/s

    UHS-I enabled and ready for the next generation of
    mobile devices
    Keep all your files in one place with the
    included SanDisk® Memory Zone app
    Water-proof, temperature proof, X-ray proof,
    shock proof
    Capacity: 64GB

    Has worked perfectly thus far. I knew it was different because instead of taking an hour plus to load my data onto it it was done in 10 minutes.

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