How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Bugs Since 4.4.2 Upgrade

Android 4.4.2 is the very latest version that Samsung Galaxy S4 users are using recently. This update came with lots of improvements, and it is more bugs free. But still there are some Samsung Galaxy S4 Bugs Since 4.4.2 Upgrade and some of the bugs with their solutions are listed below:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Bugs Since 4.4.2 Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S4 Bugs Since 4.4.2 Upgrade

Battery Drainage

This is a common problem with all android phones. But some users have reported that the battery life became poor after installing this 4.4.2 version. It can be controlled by regulating the usage of apps. Some apps need to be deleted. Also you can fix it by doing Factory Reset.

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Performance Issue

Performance lagging is the other Samsung Galaxy S4 Bugs Since 4.4.2 Upgrade. Performances got delayed as a result of this upgraded version. Though Factory Reset will remove all the data but still this is the only option to recover the Galaxy S4 performances.

Missing apps

Some of the apps are getting lost just after installing the 4.4.2 version. Sorry to say that there are no other options but to download the lost apps again.

Haphazard contact list

Messy contact list is another Samsung Galaxy S4 Bugs Since 4.4.2 Upgrade that most of the users are complaining about. This bug can be fixed in two ways. Either delete your email account and re add it or it can be done by turning off the contact sync and enable it again. For the second option head to Settings > Account > email account > and turn off contact sync in the option. Wait for a minute and turn it on.

Lock screen

The latest version updating is inviting a black lock screen sometimes which is not showing anything when swiping to unlock. This bug can be fixed by going to Settings > lock screen > lock screen widgets > clock or personal message > clock.

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