How To Fix Samsung A8 Overheating Issues

Is your Samsung A8 getting hot making it difficult for you to use your phone normally? Some of our readers have reported that their Samsung A8 overheats too quickly, even when they are not using it for heavy applications. We have some solutions that can help you fix the problem so that you can use your phone as usual. The A8 being an aesthetically pleasing device, most of the A8 owners love the build of the phone, but the fact that you cannot open the back of the phone to check the battery makes it a little difficult to inspect whether the battery is damaged or if it is misbehaving. Another issue is that a lot of users are not sure how we could differentiate heavy programs and light ones.

This is why we will first talk about some of the most common reasons why a phone can overheat before we move to the solutions. Some of the most common reasons for overheating are:

  • Playing games or watching long videos for too long

When your phone’s processor ends up working too hard while you are playing games or watching videos for a long period of time, it tries to maintain its temperatures but gradually the excessive use of the device leads to overheating. It means that your phone is working too hard.

  • Old Batteries

Sometimes when a phone has been used for a long period of time, the battery gradually begins to deteriorate, especially if you are a power user who uses the device a lot. Old batteries tend to overheat quickly because they have been used for a long time.

  • Too many applications running at the same time

The Samsung A8 performs very well. It has the ability to work great even when you are multitasking. But some heavy applications can take a toll on the phone especially when they are running at the same time. Check for the apps that your phone is running. If you are also using a number of other phone services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services, then your phone may get hot quickly.

  • Phone case that does not allow proper ventilation

Your Samsung A8 uses ventilation to keep itself cool even when you are using too many applications on it. Some phone cases do not allow proper ventilation and this makes the phone heat up too quickly. This can also be a reason why your phone ends up getting hot while you are charging it. If you are facing overheating issues, try using the phone without the case. If the problem is fixed then use a different case that allows ventilation, or do not use a case at all.

Now that you know the many reasons that can normally overheat your phone, let us find out how to fix overheating problems.

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Potential Fixes for Samsung A8 Overheating Issues


Solution 1: Choose a comfortable brightness level while playing games or watching videos

If your phone’s brightness is at its highest while you play games or watch videos for a long time, then your phone will start heating up quickly. This is because a lot of power is needed for the brightness of your phone screen. Reduce the brightness level from the notification shade of your A8. Bring it to a level which is comfortable for your eyes and better for the phone’s processor too. This will help you keep your phone from overheating too quickly during excessive gaming sessions or watching long videos.


Solution 2: Avoid using your phone while it is charging

It is normal for the temperature of your phone to rise while charging. But if you begin to use your device to make calls, watch videos, play games or surf the internet while it is charging, then your device will start overheating and it will adversely affect the battery of your phone. A lot of Samsung A8 overheating issues stem from the use of the device while it is charging. Avoid this so that your phone does not get overheated.


Solution 3: Reduce the number of services and apps running in the background

How often do we end up leaving an app running on our phone only to discover that the phone is slightly hotter when we pick it up the next time? If a game or an app allows your phone to stay unlocked and your screen to stay on and if you forget to lock your screen before putting your phone down, the app will keep the screen on until the time you pick up your phone again. If the screen was on for a long time, then it automatically heats up.

Similarly, if you have a lot of services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location services switched on at the same time, then your phone’s CPU has to work a lot to ensure that all these services are working properly. If you happen not to use any of these, then it is better to pull down the notification shade of your device and switch it off. This way, your phone’s CPU will have one less service to take care of.


Solution 4: Misbehaving Apps

Sometimes, an app that you recently downloaded can be the reason for your phone getting overheated too quickly. Try to check for a rogue app by using Safe Mode. If your phone works fine in Safe Mode, but it overheats in normal mode, then a third party app is causing the problem. Reboot your phone into Safe Mode by following these steps:

  • Press and hold the Power button till you see the power option on your screen
  • Press and hold the Power Off option on your screen till you see a pop-up window that asks if you would like to reboot your device in Safe Mode
  • Tap on Ok to confirm and allow your phone to reboot

Once your device restarts, it will say the words Safe mode at the bottom of the screen. Use the phone in Safe mode for some time and check if the overheating problem recurs. If the problem is fixed then a third party app is misbehaving. Restart your phone once again to go back to normal mode and uninstall the apps that you think can be causing the problem.


Solution 5: Use an app to cool your phone

The Play Store has a lot of apps that can help your phone stay cool. Greenify is one of the apps that can optimize your phone settings to use less battery and avoid heating up. There are many other apps that are great for keeping your phone cool by optimizing the settings and helping the phone perform well. Use one of these apps to ensure that your phone remains cool. Remember to check the ratings and feedback before you decide which app will be best for your Samsung A8.


Solution 6: Reset your phone to factory settings

If none of the above solutions were able to fix your problem, then reset your Samsung A8 to factory settings so that it returns to the state in which you had taken it out of the box and can help the phone get rid of software problems or glitches that can be causing the phone to overheat. Resetting the device will remove all data and third-party apps on your phone so if you do not want to lose your saved games then make sure you create a backup of all files and apps before you proceed. Reset your device by following these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Backup and Reset
  • Tap on Reset to Factory Settings

Your phone will erase all the data and restart. Once your phone restarts, check if the problem has been solved. If the reset has fixed the overheating problem then restore all the data and files and continue using your phone as usual.


If none of these solutions help you solve the problem, then there is a chance that there may be physical damage on your phone. Since the A8 does not allow you to pull out the battery, you must take your phone to a repair shop or your carrier. If the battery is damaged then make sure you get the original battery. If your phone is under warranty then there is a chance that you may be able to get a replacement of the battery without any charges.

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