How To Fix Random Rebooting Problem On Galaxy S4

Just because Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone that does not mean that the phone is problem-free and that you will get a flawless experience. You cannot name a single smartphone which is bug-free. Here we will discuss the random rebooting problem on Galaxy S4 and its solutions.

A huge number of Galaxy S4 owners are encountering the random reboot problem. The phone restarts itself without any obvious reason. If this random rebooting problem on Galaxy S4 happens to you too, here are few steps to follow that might solve your problem.

Possible solutions for random rebooting problem on Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4

  • Some users have found a solution to this problem by updating the software. To do that, open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and go to More > About Device > Software Update and the tap Update option.
  • Make sure all the apps are up to date by loading the Play Store. Then go to My Apps and select Update All.
  • Soft reset the device as this simple step could be proved as helpful many times. Pull out the battery from the Galaxy S4 and wait for few seconds to a minute before booting the device normally. This process will discharge all the static electricity being stored in any components. Now, insert the battery, turn it on and check if the random rebooting issue is fixed.
  • If the problem still consists, check the battery for any physical or liquid damage because if there is the interrupted power supply can cause the issue. In that case, you need to replace the battery with a new one.

  • In case you have rooted the device recently and facing the random rebooting issue since then, the best option is to go back to the original firmware as there is huge possibility that the installed ROM is not stable enough and giving rise to the issue.
  • Many problems on Galaxy S4 are related to the external memory card. So if you use MicroSD card, remove it after saving the photos and other data to your phone and see if the problem still occurs.
  • This random rebooting problem on Galaxy S4 could be occurring because of a third party app. Enter Safe Mode, If you see the problem disappears in the safe mode, then definitely an app is causing this random rebooting problem on Galaxy S4. So you can remove the apps one by one or perform a Factory reset.

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