How to Fix Proximity Sensor Not Working on LG G5

Proximity sensors are important for smartphones these days especially because devices come with the big screens and the intuitive touch. When you are on a call you wouldn’t want to end up accidently doing something on your phone that you did not really want to do. Some LG G5 users have noticed that the proximity sensor is not working properly on their device and this is really frustrating. So let us look at the solutions and see how to fix proximity sensor not working on LG G5. The possible fixes are mentioned here.

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How to fix proximity sensor not working on LG G5:

Solution 1: Restart your LG G5

Whenever troubleshooting the problem you may be experiencing on your computer, smartphone or tablet, one of the first things you will try in order to solve the issue is to restart your device. That’s probably the best place to start because a restart can fix tons of problems.


Solution 2:  Screen Protector

Some of the users noticed that the sensor began to work after they removed the screen protector. Screen protectors that are made of tempered glass can cause hindrance and it may not allow the sensors to work effectively. If you are using a screen protector on your LG G5 then try removing the protector. If it works then you must change the protector and switch to one that will allow the sensors to work or you can choose to use the phone without any screen protector at all.


Solution 3: Remove the case

The same thing applies to a case as well. There is a possibility that your G5’s case is not allowing the proximity sensors to work properly. Remove the case and try using the phone without it. If the proximity sensors work then the case is to blame. Change the case or do not use any at all.


Solution 4: Check the sensors through an app

Very often the sensors may be working fine and other things like the case or the screen protector or another app on the phone could be the reason for the problem. To identify if the problem is with the proximity sensors, use the AIDA64 app. Once you have installed the app, open it and check under the Sensors section for the Proximity Sensor. Try holding your hand close to the sensor and you will notice values which change depending on how close or how far your hand is. This helps you figure if the proximity sensor is working properly or not.


Solution 5: Recalibrate the sensor

If the sensor is not working properly then you can recalibrate the sensor so that it works as expected. To recalibrate the sensor, dial *#546368#*(the model number of the phone)# when you are presented with the options, go to Device Test and choose SAAT. Then tap on Service Menu Manual Test and then tap on Key and next tap on Test then Cal Start. This will help you recalibrate the proximity sensors. Use your phone after the recalibration to check if it works properly.


If the problem with the sensor continues then contact your carrier or visit an LG service centre. If the proximity sensors have gone bad, and your phone is under warranty then it can be replaced.


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