How To Fix Poor Call Quality On Nexus 6P

Poor call quality on Nexus 6P is a very common issue that is been reported so far by many of the Nexus 6P users. Nexus 6P is no doubt an amazing set that made people highly satisfied while many of the users are now upset and annoyed with the poor call quality issue on their device. This issue is also acknowledged by Google and they are trying to come up with a solution. However, in the meantime, you can follow various steps to check if the issue gets resolved on its own in your case.

According to the users, the person on the other end of their Nexus 6P is unable to hear them clearly whether the call is in standard mode or else is put in speaker mode. They have also stated that it seems they are speaking over the phone keeping it far away. In most of the cases, the issue might be due to the noise cancellation microphone that is situated on the rear side of the device under the camera. Anyways, the best possible solutions to fix up this Nexus 6P muffled voice are listed here.

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Potential Fixes For Poor Call Quality On Nexus 6P

Solution 1: Restart

You can start with this process as this simple step might work like a charm and can help you get rid of any kind of issue. A restart might fix up the issue temporarily but to get a permanent solution you need to follow the below-mentioned fixes. Restart is very helpful when you are in hurry and want to implement the quickest and easiest solution to fix up your issue.

To restart the Nexus 6P, press and keep holding the volume key while at the same time press down the on/off button until your phone is restarted. Now check if the issue is resolved.


Solution 2: Remove the case

In most of the cases, it has been seen that this is nothing but covering the noise cancellation microphone at the rear side of the device is giving rise to such Nexus 6P poor call quality issue. And while you are using a protective case to offer the utmost protection for your brand new shiny device, it can create the issue. So, remove the case once and check, if the issue is resolved then. If yes, then look for another protective case having a hole in that noise cancellation microphone area.

Similarly, even though you are not using any case and still facing the issue, then make sure you are not speaking, by keeping the device in between your head and shoulder. In that case, the noise cancellation mic is being covered by your shoulder which creates the same poor call quality issue. So, the main thing to ensure is that the noise cancellation mic is not covered anyway.


Solution 3: Update the device

If you have tried the second solution as well but still left with the same situation, then the next resort is to update the operating system. This has been found to be a software issue for many users and also Google has acknowledged that. The official update of Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 fixed up this Nexus 6P muffed voice for many users. So, if you have not still updated your device, go for it to see if it works out for you.


Solution 4: Use headphone

Another solution you can try for the time being is to make use of headphone. Many users said they got rid of the poor call quality issue in their Nexus 6P by using a headphone. Even though this is not a permanent solution, it can be helpful if any other solutions mentioned above do not work out for you.


Solution 5: Use the default phone dialer

Are you using a third party phone dialer, not the default one and facing this poor call quality calls on Nexus 6P? Apps like Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. can do some mishaps with the audio data in the device. In such cases, Google has no control over it. So, the best advice is to make use of Google app only like Dialer or Hangout and check if the issue is resolved now.


Solution 6: For rooted users

Have you rooted your device in the past to make use of all the features and to make the phone perform the way you want? Then there is a helpful solution for you to get rid of this poor call quality issue on Nexus 6P. What you need to do is completely de-activate the noise cancellation settings. To do so, you need to go to build.prop and search for which is to be changed to false. That’s it and then check if the other person on your phone call can actually hear you properly.


Solution 7: Reset the device

In case you have tried all the explained solution above but did not get any helpful ways to fix the issue, the best solution is to reset the Nexus 6P device to factory settings and set it up from scratch. As this wipes everything on your phone, backup your data. To perform a factory data reset, go to Settings > Back up & Reset > Factory data reset and then press OK to confirm ‘Delete all users data’.


So, all the possible solutions are listed here to help you fix the Nexus 6P poor call quality issue. Try using them one by one and you will fix it.

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