How To Fix Poor Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy Note 5

No matter how great today’s phones are, they are not perfect. After using the smartphone for a while, most of us experience the same annoying problem, and that’s poor battery life. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users are no exception and many of them reported this problem. There are several workarounds that will help you to extend battery life on your device. Here is the simple guide that will show you how to fix poor battery life on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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How to fix poor battery life on Samsung Galaxy Note 5


See which apps are draining the battery

To see which apps are draining the battery of your device, navigate to Settings > Battery. You will notice if one of the apps is causing the problem in which case you can either restrict that app or uninstall it. To do that, go to Settings > Application manager and find the apps that seem to be causing the problem and draining the battery. You can either disable that app, or you can uninstall from your device.


Disable Location Services

You can improve the battery life by turning off the Location services, and here is how you can do just that:

  • Go to Apps > Settings and swipe the headings to the left side of the screen
  • Click on Personal > Privacy and Safety
  • Click on Location and disable Location Services.


Turn of Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile internet when you don’t need them

By disabling these services when you don’t need them, your battery life will last longer. It is such a simple thing to do, and it is one of the most effective ones.


Turn display brightness down

This can be pretty helpful and it can make the battery last longer. To adjust brightness settings on your device go to Apps > Settings > Display and Wallpaper. Adjust the brightness to a lower setting.


Get rid of the apps you are not using

We all have tons of apps installed on our devices, and when we think about it, we don’t even use half of those. Consider the option to uninstall or disable such apps. To do this navigate to Settings > Applications > Application manager > All.


Download Greenify

Grennify is an application designed to help you identify problematic apps. When you are not using those apps, Greenify will put them into hibernation, so they won’t be causing the problems and won’t have such a huge impact on the battery life. This is a must have app for every Android user. Highly recommended.


Use Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving mode when needed

When you really need your battery to last longer rely on these two features. Power Saving mode is located in Settings > Battery and once you turn it on it will not have a huge effect on the functions of your device. On the other hand, Ultra power saving mode turns off a wide range of things, so practically, when you enable this option you can use your device for the basic things only (because everything else is turned off).







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