How To Fix Poor Battery Life On LG G5

LG G5 is the latest flagship from LG that has come wrapped up with many improved features and functionality. However, users started complaining about the poor battery life on LG G5 and this has refrained many from owning a new device. But, it is to remember that a new phone is bound to drain the battery faster as it keeps on installing and downloading the apps and also you will probably use it a lot during the first few days. But if the LG G5 continues to eat battery fast than normal, then you should do some workarounds to get rid of the issue.

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Potential fixes for poor battery life on LG G5:

 Solution 1: Make some changes in the settings

Some changes in the settings will help you save a great amount of battery.

  • Go to Settings > Display and turn off the option Always-on display.
  • Again go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout and make it as low as you can.
  • Go to Settings > Display and adjust the screen brightness. Try to make it low to save on the battery.
  • Manage the background sync by going to Settings > Accounts and disable sync for all that apps that you do not use.


Solution 2: Turn on Power saving mode

Power saving mode is a great feature that you can use to improve LG G5 battery life. This option can be turned on from settings. There are various options like restrict the background data, limit performance by turning off GPS, backlit keys, manage the processor’s performance etc.


Solution 3: Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location and LTE

Options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location service and LTE if kept turned on all through the day, will no doubt squeeze up a great amount of battery soon. So, it’s better to turn them off when you are not using them and only turn them on when in need. This way you can save huge amount of battery. Also, when you use the 3G or LTE connection, Wi-Fi should be turned off. However, location is needed to keep on for navigation, in that case, you can turn on the power saving mode which will wake up the device only in need like for navigation.


Solution 4: Check if any app is causing the issue

Sometimes a culprit app can be the only reason which is squeezing out more of the power and leaving you with poor battery life. So, you should check which app is using too much power by going to Settings > Battery and Power saving > Battery usage.  It will provide a clear insight on the battery usage by different apps. If you notice any app to use an abnormal amount of battery, then there must some issue with the app, so uninstall it to see if the poor battery life on LG G5 is fixed or not.


Solution 5: Update the device

Sometimes issues can be fixed by updating the device with the latest update available as the OEMs keep releasing updates to fix a bug in case they find one. So, check for the updates and if it is available, upgrade your device to have better performance.


These are the main fixes for poor battery life on LG G5, try implementing them one by one and we hope the issue will get resolved for you.

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