How to fix the notification problem on Sony Xperia SP

Sony Xperia SP is one of the brilliant smartphones of Sony, and it is excellent from every side such as design, features, and functionality. The 4.6-inch touchscreen of the HD phone is so vivid that you will feel like you are in the middle of the screen. The clear display, sharp images, enhanced contrast, and vibrant colors are really awesome. So many users are switching to Sony Xperia SP smartphone.


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Notification problem on Sony Xperia SP

But some users have reported that they are facing notification problem on Sony Xperia SP. The problem that the users are facing is, there is a bar on the bottom of the display and whenever users receive any email or messages or any other notification, the bar lights up. It is a great feature during the daytime as users get alert when they receive any emails or messages. So they do not face the notification problem on Sony Xperia SP during the daytime. But the notification problem on Sony Xperia SP occurs at night because at the time of sleeping the bar lights up whenever they receive any message or e-mail or other notification. However, do not worry. You can easily get rid of this problem by following some simple steps.


Steps to fix the notification problem on Sony Xperia SP

You can turn the light off on Sony Xperia SP by using illumination bar pro. It has the feature to turn the bar light off by setting the time when you do not want it. To get the illumination bar pro to solve the notification problem on Sony Xperia SP, you have to download it from Google Play.


Description of illumination bar pro

To solve the notification problem on Sony Xperia SP, you can use illumination bar notification. This app works with Sony Xperia smartphones. Other than the facility of turning off the bar light when you receive any notification, the other functionalities that you will get in the Illumination bar pro are:

  • You can dedicate a special color to anyone in your contact list. Then whenever you get an SMS or email from this person, the color that you have set for him or her, will light up.
  • You can control the bar light also, that is you can have a constant light or the light can blink at the different speed based on your preference.
  • The app supports notification from almost any other apps.

So other than solving the notification problem on Sony Xperia SP, using the Illumination bar pro, you also can control the speed and color of the bar light.



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