How To Fix Nexus 6P Wi-Fi Problems

The Huawei Nexus 6P has been considered as one of the best smartphones of 2017. The electronic gadgets including smartphones face certain issues with use over a period of time. There is no denying that Huawei Nexus 6P is a great smartphone, however, it might face certain issues. One of the primary issues faced by this cool mobile phone includes the Nexus 6P WiFi Problems when Wi-Fi isn’t working on Nexus 6P.

Nexus 6P problem could be of various kinds some of which include:

  • Problem with connection to the WiFi
  • Phone connects to Wi-Fi, but no connection
  • WiFi might not be operating properly
  • No WiFi signal is detected.

One of the common Nexus 6P WiFi Problems encountered by the users of Nexus 6P is that when they would Google something the screen gets stuck by displaying “Recognizing” and then resulting in “Can’t reach Google at the moment”. This poses great problems to the smartphone users as they might get stuck in some vital task due to the failure of proper connectivity or the common WiFi problems faced by the Nexus 6P.

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The Most Common Reasons For The Nexus 6P Wifi Problems Includes The Following:

Airplane Mode

This could be the probable reason for your smartphone witnessing WiFi issues as when the phone is in the airplane mode, the surrounding WiFi connection would not be visible on the mobile phone. Therefore, you must ensure that the airplane mode is not on when you wish to use the WiFi connection.


Error Message

If your phone displays the error message like “Authentication failed” while you were trying to connect to a particular WiFi network, there could be a problem with the password of the WiFi network you are trying to connect to. Any particular network would try to authenticate or validate the password entered by you for using the WiFi connection. If the password matches, then the connection gets established, otherwise, the error message “authentication failed” pops up. Hence, you must firstly check the password of the WiFi connection that you wish to use. Another trick that you can try is to manually turn off the WiFi and the mobile data of your Nexus 6P phone and then turning on the airplane mode. With the airplane mode still active, you should switch on the WiFi connection and then should try to connect to the network. You should then switch off the airplane mode.


Inability to Find the Network

There could be situations that the WiFi connections are not visible on the Nexus 6P. If your smartphone is not able to locate the WiFi connections, then you must ensure that the WiFi connection is working normally. If there are several connections on the WiFi already, the users can try disconnecting some of them and then connecting the Nexus 6P. Some wireless routers have certain limits on the usage of the WiFi connection, hence, it must be ensured that the limit is not exceeded.


Connected, But no Internet

This issue could be related to the router or modem and even the Internet connection that you might be using that the WiFi is connected to the Nexus 6P, yet there is no Internet connection. You can try restoring the Internet connection by restarting the router or modem and then re-establishing the connection.


Power Saving Features

Sometimes the power features on the Nexus 6P smartphone might also impose the WiFi problems. Hence, it is vital to ensure the power saving feature of the smartphone. The users must check that they have not set the WiFi restrictions on their Nexus 6P smartphone while the power saving mode is on. This would not reflect the WiFi connectivity and would disable the Internet connection when the power is low on the smartphone. Hence, you must make the necessary connections.


The WiFi Timer

Your Nexus 6P smartphone could have set the WiFi timer for itself by default. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that you get it resolved by de-activating any WiFi timer to get undisturbed WiFi connection on the smartphone.


Security Applications

Another reason for the WiFi issues on the Huawei Nexus 6P could be the applications on the phone like the antivirus, firewall, virus scanner and so more; which might restrict the usage of the Internet. These might block the proper usage of the WiFi connection on your smartphone and hence, must be checked to ensure the smooth running of the WiFi connection.


Possible Solutions To Nexus 6P Wifi Problems:

As you must have recognized the possible problems or threats to the WiFi connection on the Huawei Nexus 6P smartphone, let us have an overview on some of the solutions to these too:

  • Perform factory reset of the Nexus 6P smartphone
  • Forget the WiFi password and reset it accordingly
  • Resetting the router or modem to ensure WiFi connection
  • Try to switch from the DHCP to the static connection on the smartphone
  • Try to change the router bandwidth settings
  • Adjust the modem or router security settings. Try to check the disabling security setting as well.
  • Contact the ISP and upgrade your settings to a WiFi of higher bandwidth speed.

We also provide solutions to fixing the slow Wifi connection if it is encountered by your Nexus 6P smartphone:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Try to hold the power off, the volume up and the home button at the same time
  • Your Nexus 6P smartphone would vibrate after a few seconds which reflects that the recovery mode has started
  • You could search for the icon “wipe cache partition”. Start it.
  • Once the process is complete after a few minutes, you can start your Nexus 6P smartphone by using the ‘reboot system now” option.

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