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How To Fix Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging Problem

Nexus 6, the successor of Nexus 5 is now giving several problems to its owners and Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging is one of them. If you have bought this one of the most successful smart phones of Google, you also may face this issue. But do not think that the phone is bad because it is packed with fast processor, bright and sharp display and many more features. In fact, you cannot name a single smart phone which is bug free. So, do not worry if you face Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging problem. Follow the below steps that could help you out to fix the problem.

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Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging
Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging

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Possible Solutions For Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging

> If you find that your phone is charging but very slowly, then disable the unwanted apps. When you are done using an application, press the back button two times instead pressing the home button. It will close the app from the background. If you press home button, the app keeps running at the background and drains more battery power.

> When your Nexus 6 is charging, do not play games like 3D as they require more processing power. So, the charging rate becomes lower than discharging rate.

If you find your Nexus 6 is not charging at all, then you need to check few things:

> First check if the charging cable is working fine, so try with another cable.

> Check the charging pin of your phone. Stored dust in the pin may cause Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging problem. So take a pin and clean carefully if any dust is there.

> If the phone is charging through plug point, try it with your Laptop or vice versa.

> Any rough app may also be the reason behind this issue. So boot your phone into safe mode and see if it is charging. If yes, then try to locate the problematic app and delete it or perform a factory reset and then selectively reinstall the apps.

  1. I have been using Motorola Nexus 6. Now it Shows some problem like while charging mobile it shows charging where as in real the battery does not charges at all. I ever replaced charging jack & battery with new one but problem still persist. you are help me resolve the problem.

  2. Right this is BS and i’m sick of hearing about how great this pile of crap is. Throw away phones don have battery issues but this “Mercedes” of Google could’t charge it’s way out of a bowle movement. It will no charge when connected to the PC no mater what I do to it & it has to be rebooted with the cable connected in order to charge from the wall. Yet I can plug my crusty old S4 into the very same cable or the PC and it changes without hesitation… The Nexus6 is a polished turd that has no place on the market.

  3. when my phone is on charging its only on 1% i have tried every steps to fix it but still its not working and the status is also showing not charging. Even i am using my phone only when its connected to the charger but when i disconnect the charge the phone is getting off. so just help me out with best solutions please.

    1. i am having the exact same issue. Also my side buttons wont work. The power button and the volume buttons do nothing.

  4. I have tried cleaning the charging inlet of the phone as well changed cables but nothing seems to be helping. Phone doesn’t charge at all but the charging battery sign keep flashing every 5 seconds. Any advice?

  5. My nexus 6 says charging slowly when plugged in mains ac with original charge cable, but with other cables it says charging, obviously it’s cable related but the original cable goes no where, it stays in one place, what’s causing the original cable to slow charge my phone?

    1. Can you please check the output of the original charging cable because if the output of the charging cable is less than 2 amps then it shows slow charging indicator.

      1. Hi thanks for reply, yea checked cable pulled it out of the USB socket of the mains plug cleaned and checked for any dust, cleaned the charge socket of my phone plugged the USB back in plug socket connected phone to charge and it was fixed it now says charging.

  6. Holy crap thanks. You made me sign up for discus. Also, My phone was pretty much almost dead, however, just blowing any dust out of the cable, and phone fixed it. Thanks!

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