How To Fix Nexus 5 Random Reboots

As you know, there are tons of issues that may occur on every smartphone, and random rebooting is one of them. This problem bothered Nexus 5 users, and even though it may sound like a hardware problem, there are many things you can try before you turn to your carrier. Let’s see how you can fix Nexus 5 random reboots.

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Ways to fix Nexus 5 random reboots


Solution No.1: Update all your apps

The simplest solution that may work is to update all your apps. You will see there are few more solutions that are all about apps because the applications are usually responsible for this problem. So, the first step is to make sure all your apps are up to date. Open the Play Store app on your device, click on three horizontal lines to open the Menu and then tap on “My apps & games”. Tap on Update All.


Solution No.2: Device restarts when using a specific app

Some users reported that the issue occurs when they are using a specific app. Now that you made sure the apps are up to date (previous solution), what you can do is clear app cache. To do that, go to Settings > Apps (Application Manager), find the application, tap on it and click Clear cache. If you are still experiencing the problem, you may try to clear app data. Go to Settings > Apps > tap on the specific app, then click Clear data. The problem still there? Try uninstalling the app, just to see how your device will behave after you do that. Go to the Home screen and find a third-party app. Tap on it and hold it and drag it to “Uninstall”. If the phone works just fine, you should avoid installing the same app.


Solution No.3: Clear cache for all apps

To do this, go to Settings, tap on Storage & USB, click Cached data and tap OK. Hopefully, this will help you to get rid of the problem. If not, try the solutions below.


Solution No.4: Software update

Make sure the software is up to date. To do that, go to Settings > About phone > System Updates > Check for update. If there is an update, just tap Install.


Solution No.5: Safe mode

As you can see, many solutions point out the application is causing the problem. To be sure that is the case, you should boot your device into Safe mode because in the Safe mode all third-party apps are disabled. Monitor how your device behaves, and if it works just fine that you can be sure the app is to blame. However, there is no way to find out which apps, so you will have two options. You can uninstall third-party apps one by one, or you can do factory data reset (you will see the steps below), which will delete all the apps you previously downloaded along with your data and personal settings. To boot your device into Safe mode, follow these steps:

  • The screen on your device should be turned on
  • Press the Power button
  • Choose Power off
  • You will see Reboot to safe mode
  • Tap OK
  • When you are ready to exit the Safe mode restart your device


Solution No.6: Factory data reset

This will erase all third-party apps, the settings you adjusted the way you wanted and the files you stored on your phone, so make sure to backup everything that is important to you. Do the following:

  • Connect your Nexus 5 to a power source
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on Backup & reset
  • Tap Factory data reset
  • Tap Reset phone
  • Tap Erase everything
  • When the process is completed, choose the option to restart your Nexus 5.






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